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    Need a group/clan to play with.

      I've been playing solo for all my time on Black ops 2 I'm currently rank 41 prestige 2 I have an alright KD of 1.72 (I don't take it seriously) and it's going up everytime I play. 94% of the time I'll be on the losing side with bad team mates that don't play the objective or just simply camps and that makes me quite irritated. I do have a headset so we can talk, I'm 20 years old but the mic I've got makes me sound less deeper than what I actually am which is also annoying, haha. My gamertag is Onyx Thoughts on Xbox so if anyone that plays the game how it should be played then it'll be nice to play with you, many thanks and hope we can get off to a good start and have some fun!