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      All videos are of either LAG COMPENSATION, or HIT DETECTION issues. David Vonderhaar wanted proof, here it is. What do you think the problem is? I am on 360, and have MASSIVE ISSUES with these problems.I have killer Internet through TIME WARNER ROAD RUNNER, 53.03 down/16.72 upload/Ping 15 and NETGEAR WNR 2000 with all proper ports forwarded (they came preset for gaming). I have tried running a Static i.p. through the 360, tried the 2 DNS server setting, direct wired to my modem, searched on Any, Normal, Best and to NO AVAIL. Still this problem lingers. If you have lag OR hit detection issues, please help this post, as the community, we have to come together about this issue, and try to get them to fix it. It is unplayable for me and ALOT of others. I am new to posting, so please don't be quick to judge, there is OBVIOUSLY a problem that THOUSANDS of us are dealing with, just help this move along so we can have the game we paid for.

      Number 1- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEm5XhoeuN8&feature=player_embedded

      Number 2- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LnkyS53ONU

      Number 3-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReTLXI0Hqio

      Number 4-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2XNQJH8Lfg

      Number 5-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvUGKyWrepA

      Number 6-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGXWMY1MTz8

      Number 7-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVuh_mub1bY

      Is this why they REALLY disabled Theatre Mode??? I think they are trying to HIDE something for as long as they can, because Theatre mode shows what the server sees and CLEARLY you can see.

      This is the end result TREYARCH, This is an ANTI BLACK-OPS 2 Video-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-SwHDrSC8A There are MULTIPLES of these as well. FIX THE GAME PLEASE. If you want more videos I will find them, and I will also be sending them to ACTIVISION customer support as soon as a supervisor calls me back today.


          I used to have those same problems too. I now only play hardcore so the increased bullet damage makes up for any lag issues. If more of you would play hardcore then we would have more game modes. Just saying, try it out cause you might like it. Nice videos, it reminded me of how bad the game sucked when I played core!


            Everyone tweet Treyarch and that 'Vahn' guy until they do something about it.


                I have been tweeting David Vonderhaar for 2 weeks, I will NOT GIVE UP, for the sake of us all. Thanks for getting in a reply, it REALLY HELPS when EVERYONE REPLIES. I appreciate it because I myself spent around $200.00 on this game i.e. Hardened Edition + Season Pass, + standing in line for 2 hours, and I didn't do that just to deal with the issues in these videos. Thank you sir.


                Number 7-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVuh_mub1bY


                The above vid shouldn't be a submission, the guy is red barring (seen 40sec into the vid) so what does he expect. Deceptive vids like his are screwing it up for the legit vids. Nice effort getting the other ones in though.

                It would be good if people did periodic checks of their connection strength when capturing their BS moments just to prove they're not clogging their line deliberately on the sly to "sex up" the footage.


                    It is just showing the fact that even for people with LESSER CONNECTIONS this problem exists and that Lag Compensation DID NOT FIX ITS INTENDED PROBLEM. I am sorry I did not clarify that in this post. Thank you sir for pointing that out to The Community, it is appreciated GREATLY.

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                        A red bar does not mean a "lesser connection", red barring means the connection is absolutley inadequate for gaming, any game! But anyway I'm getting an increasing amount of BS very similar to the other vids as well so it's good people are getting stuff uploaded. Hope they fix it.

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                            A RED BAR means connection is not good, BUT that is what LAG COMPENSATION is suppose to FIX. Does it look like it is fixed in VIDEO #7? Ofcourse not.That was the point sir. Thanks for replying, We all just want this fixed. YOU + YOUR FRIENDS + SUPPORTING THIS THREAD = US getting something done TOGETHER. Don't forget that. We NEED to keep this moving so the REAL PROBLEM can be worked out so NOBODY has to suffer with these problems ANYMORE. Thank you sir.

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                          I agree, number 7 is a very poor indication. Yes it is lag, but that one can be easily ruled out as the user's connection. 1 red bar is horrible. Its the vids with full green bars that shows issues similar to number 7 that are the problem.

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                              You FAIL to understand this ONE HUGE ISSUE, VIDEO #7 IS PROOF THAT on the OTHER end of the spectrum, LAG COMP DOES NOT WORK PERIOD even for people with LESSER CONNECTIONS SIR, that is the point of it. That IS A PROBLEM with this and MANY OTHER TITLES. I want to show ALL ASPECTS, not just RANDOM VIDEOS. This is the type of stuff they need to see so they UNDERSTAND the PROGRAMING DOES NOT DO WHAT IT IS INTENDED FOR, hence creating NEW problems, so on so forth. Thank you sir for the reply, I just want it fixed period, but people want to nit pick like TREYARCH, it DOES NOT HELP ANY OF US. THE POINT OF THE VIDEOS I POSTED IS TO SAY SOMETHING IS WRONG, CLEARLY IN EVERY VIDEO I POSTED SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THE GAME, PERIOD. IT NEEDS FIXED, PERIOD.

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                            The problems you speak of were much, much, much more apparent on COD,MW2 and MW3.    

                            IF you had it good on those games, maybe it's just your turn to feel the thin end of the wedge.

                            I got mugged in those games so many times.


                            This game is actually playable, whereas earlier releases have been the exact opposite.

                            I'll take this over any other version.


                            Massive improvement. Apart from the theater debacle.

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                                Be warned you may be loving it now but when they release another big patch soon to address the problem you may find your situation has switched and it'll be your turn to sit in the rage chair. This happened to me and many others during MW3s lifecycle, perfect one patch, poor again then great etc.

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                                    MW3 was patched in the right direction for me.

                                    UNplayable at times to start with, just picked it up last week...Different game! Works good now.


                                    But, having been on the thin end of the game play wedge for the last few releases, ill take

                                    my fleeting success in this game and hope they patch it like they did with BO. Hardly at all. (from my perspective)

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                                    The problems are not only being "spoken of", there is VIDEO PROOF of EXACTLY what the DEVELOPER DAVID VONDERHAAR asked for. I understand that now you are having fun playing, and I wish OTHER games were more playable for you too, but I have NEVER had the problems in this game with ANY OTHER TITLE, that is essentially WHY THEY NEED TO FIX THIS, for EVERYONE. Help support this thread so we can stop these problems from happening again. There is more to this than JUST THIS GAME. Future titles will have the SAME PROBLEMS unless they UNDERSTAND they can't just give us ANYTHING and we accept it. IT IS NOT FAIR TO ANYONE who has experianced this previously OR currently. I thought this was to FIX the problems that were ALREADY abundant, yet this game just shows the TRUE FLAWS, and now it's time to get a fix. Thank you for the reply sir.

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                                        Other players have had cronic problems in previous releases, myself included. At times when other players were having a whale of a time cleaning up.

                                        The fact that the upper hand is on the other foot this time is unfortunate.

                                        But just because it's not working for you, it doesn't mean it's not working for anyone else. Clearly it is or you wouldn't be complaining about it.

                                        I was told constantly that i should just suck it up, or that i was just baaad at the game. Nobody listened to me when i had yr problems and the game never changed.

                                        You'll forgive me if i hope they leave it as it is, because for once....i'm not the whipping boy (all the time).

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                                      Correct me if I'm wrong, but can't your connection be brought down to a red bar from someone else having a bad connection? Someone lag switching?


                                      If I understand lag comp correctly, If I have a great connection yet I'm in a lobby with everyone having a very weak connection isn't that going to "dumb down" my connection making it a yellow or even red bar?

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                                          I am not positive, but YES , I believe what you say is somewhat if not ALL true. I just don't understand why the game ALWAYS does what is in the videos above. SO FRUSTRATING. Thanks for commenting and for the question.

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                                            A lag switching host is very obvious, everyone in the lobby will red bar for a short durations (due to the assh*le hitting his pathetic little lagswitch) and everyone will freeze on the spot during it so he can kill.  A generally wobbly host however will  cause different issues but the game will detect this and switch host. I'm more interested in cases similar to mine, where everyone has an apparent 4 solid bars but there's a clear discrepancy in hit detection and recieving instakills. Somethings out of whack and it ain't me.

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                                              Yes... it does... I run 30 meg and it's very stable but I find myself yellow and red barring a lot. I'll check the scoreboard after I die a lot of times to see who is alive and notice that while I'm in the process of getting shot I go from green to yellow to red then when I spawn it Might go back to full green

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                                              the only thing i've found that allows me to have a somewhat playable MP experience is to play in a party where I AM NOT THE PARTY LEADER. I have a similar road runner connection as you, OP, and if I get chosen as host [95% of the time and prob 100% if i'm playing solo] I am lucky if I go 10-20. breaking even is a miracle. I can put half a clip in someone's back but they spin aruond and one shot me.


                                              I played some League last night [i'm an achievement wh*re, what] and it wasn't too bad for 6/8 games. I think that's bc the League isn't bound to Locale and it will match you from the available pool of players[MUCH smaller than standard pubs] which resulted in some games with europeans, s americans and asians. sometimes the LAG was terrible, but sometimes it was in my favor, which is unheard of. lol


                                              I'm just going to keep grinding to get the prestige cheevo and if it's not fixed i'll go back to halo. That game has a great mp with dedicated servers.

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                                                Well KERplunKIN, you are without doubt doubt THE most polite person that's ever been on this forum.  You must be in the wrong place, we don't do polite on here

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                                                    Well there is a JOB that NEEDS to be completed by the DEVELOPERS, and that is to FIX the game that WE ALL SPENT MONEY on. I am here for ALL OF US, because WE HAVE TO STICK TOGETHER, or the end result is getting games like this. It has to STOP somewhere, maybe I can help. Going to crash for now, I live in Hollywood, be back on around 2 Pacific to reply to EVERYONE that posts a comment, and MAYBE we can get something done TOGETHER for THE REAL GREATER GOOD OF THE COMMUNITY. And I am tired of just being beaten by a connection/hit detection. THE REPLIES HELP. Lets keep this high on the board so WE  WILL GET NOTICED!!!

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                                                    Maybe if they create a pay to play online membership they would fix everything lol! I still say HC is the best immediate remedy!

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                                                      I got through 4 videos and 3 of them were not even lag comp. related. They were lag related. People were lagging. Lag happens. The host was bad, connection became compromised, anything that creates lag caused those videos to occur.


                                                      Yes there is a problem with host migration and that is why videos can be shot for such a long time with lag and makes it look as though it happens all the time. If this seriously happens every lobby for you it is not the game... it is you.


                                                      In video number one there is about 1/4 second sync. issues with theater and live. You can see the bomb ticker counting down at different times. He lined up actions rather than game timer.


                                                      These are examples of lag.


                                                      Lag. Comp. examples are displacement of bodies as displayed by hosts (theater) compared to the how you see it on your screen. Client side hit detection can still tell the server that you hit your target regardless of lag comp. If the server agrees on both sides of the gun fight (this is where actually better internet prevails) than you will get the kill ragardless. This is most noticable while running around corners.

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                                                          I CANNOT DISAGREE with you more on your ASSUMPTION of LAG COMPENSATION. You DO NOT WIN if you have a better connection, BECAUSE of the TIME LATENCY that the server is trying to replay what it "believes" to be true. LAG COMPENSATION MAKES PEOPLE WITH BETTER INTERNET HAVE A TIME LATENCY NOT CONNECTION LATENCY, there is a HUGE difference. Not being rude, but you were more than likely mis-informed about what the server actions do when this type of program exists. It would be better off being explained to you as time travel because of what the server is reading AND trying to compensate AT THE SAME TIME, creating 60-120millisecond TIME LATENCY to the GREATER CONNECTION to balance out the LOWER CONNECTION. But thank you for your reply. My neighbor actually works for SCE Santamonica Studio, and they ARE DEVELOPERS for PS3, I have been told in GREAT DETAIL how this actually works by him, so I think I might be versed enough to argue your point sir, but thank you for your reply, if you need further help in UNDERSTANDING LAG COMP I will create a thread for you with ACTUALL video of DEVELOPERS for SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) explaining what lag comp is and other aspects.

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                                                          Is this why they REALLY disabled Theatre Mode??? I think they are trying to HIDE something for as long

                                                          as they can, because Theatre mode shows what the server sees and CLEARLY you can see."

                                                          They disabled theater because of the prestige glitch which was a 6 second video that enabled people to jump prestiges.


                                                          Theater mode does not show what the server see's, thats a fact of life. If you want to give the man proof you'll need a PVR.


                                                          I had a match the other day...Carrier...me and an enemy ran out of bullets...face to face circling each other...I jump up to gain a fraction of a sec...reload finished...I get a shot off but I'm dead. Killcam doesn't show me jump never mind get a shot off...theater, same thing. I know it happened, but the killcam and theater doesn't show it.

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                                                              It WILL be in Theatre if it is what you saw. THEATRE IS RECORDED DIRECTLY SERVER SIDE NOT CONSOLE, THAT IS WHY YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO TO YOUR CONSOLE VIA THEATRE MODE, THEN YOU CAN UPLOAD IT TO YOUR FILESHARE. THEATRE MODE IS SAVED SERVER SIDE SIR, sorry to inform you that you are wrong. But hey thanks for the comment, because hopefuly I helped you understand something better that you might have misunderstood. Have nice day.

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                                                              Video # 2 is the best ive seen so far. 100% truth

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                                                                Hey KERplunKIN,


                                                                I see you're new to posting to the forums as you stated above. Compiling these clips up top in one single thread is a good idea, however if the community on this board is really going to get anything done, we're going to have to step up and do this right. All those clips above have routinely floated around here for nearly a month now, and all can be "debunked" by various techy posters here and by Vonderhaar himself. I say this, because I've dealt with the run-around from Treyarch/Infinity Ward/ Activision for 3 games now and I know how they will respond. What we need to do, and anyone who reads this needs to know, are a few key things:


                                                                1) ALL VIDEOS MUST BE PVR RECORDINGS : Yes. It has to come directly from what was recorded on your television and it has to be in real time with what you saw. We've been told for years now theater recordings won't suffice because the video is not an accurate representation of what actually happened in game. Any videos need to be recorded in this manner and not taken from theater mode, as they will quickly be discredited otherwise.


                                                                2) THEY MUST BE VIDEOS OF FULL GAMES: Here's another one we've been told for years. It can't just be a scene of one gunfight like that of the Woodysgamertag video, because we'll get the answer of "that could have just been a random lag moment within the game," or "the entire match may not have played out like this." We need entire full length matches which show the continual prevelance of this issue. It's going to suck, because we're going to have to record and upload very bad games, but it is for the greater good. Also we need as many instances as possible of the scoreboard being shown to confirm connection (a solid 4 Green Bar connection the entire match is preferable).


                                                                3) EVERYONE NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NORMAL NETWORK LATENCY AND "LAG COMPENSATION" : If you're on a 3 Bar connection and are having hit detection issues and dying more quickly than would seem you should, that is traditional in-game Lag, not the dreaded "Lag Comp." I know this may seem obvious, but I don't think many people understand this and as evidenced by some of the videos I've seen people really don't even get the difference between the two. If you are on a 4 Bar Connection and are constantly getting insta-killed or having enemies running around the corner who appear to be pre-firing before they've even seen you and these said enemies are on 3 Bar or less connections, that's "Lag Comp." This is why we need the connection shown as many times as possible, especially before and after gunfights. This is also why Vahn can see a video like #4 and say that's not absolute proof of anything. We don't see her connection, we don't see the enemies. For all we know she could have been red-barring. These are the important details we can't leave out. Because trust me if we do, Treyarch are going to laugh in our faces and do nothing.


                                                                4) WE HAVE TO UNDERSTAND CONNECTION AND PING: This is a big one, because everyone that comes on here and says I have "5 ms ping," doesn't really understand that doesn't make any difference in this game. You need to know your connection and how you ping to everywhere else, not a local server. So pingtest.net is a valuable tool where you can ping to locations all over your country and get an idea of how many MS you're actually working with in terms of gaming ability. For example I'm in Jacksonville, FL and ping 10 ms to a local server. I ping anywhere on the East Coast up to Philly in under 60 ms, anywhere in the midwest in under 80 ms, and in the furthest location away on the West Coast 110ms (up in Washington State). I know that's only one factor, as the quality of the game host also has to be factored in, but everyone needs to know that their ping to a local server is irrelevant.


                                                                I know this is a huge TLNR post right there, but trust me I'm on everyone in this thread's side. We do however, have to do this right in order to get anything done. I've suffered from this for 2 years now, and the reason nothing has changed is because we aren't offering what can be deemed as "absolute proof." All this stuff is what I've been told for the last two years, straight from the mouths of Josh Olin, Robert Bowling and now Vahn. If that's what they want, then that's what we'll give them. But something has to be done in order to fix this.

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                                                                    NUMBER 1, THEATRE MODE VIDEOS ARE MOST ACURATE BECAUSE THEY ARE RECORDED SERVER SIDE!!!!!!!!! THAT IS WHY YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD IT TO YOUR CONSOLE THEN UPLOAD IT TO YOUR FILESHARE. WHY IS THST HARD FOR PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND. You really are misinformed sir, check you sources and research more, you are WRONG about a multitude of things. You are what my crew call a "THREAD KILLER" posing as a helping hand MISLEADING EVERYONE SIR, WE DON"T NEED THAT HERE, WE JUST WANT THE GAME FIXED THATS ALL. I know the difference between connections, I work on Natural Gas Drilling Wells, EVERYTHING WE USE IS INTERNET RELATED, I understand lag from gas reaching a blue box from a cored site, then relay to sensors, then relayed to Mcontroller program on a company lap top. We actually have a mathematical formula to calculate "THEORETICAL LAG", which I can not imagine is much different in nature other than changing a few variables. Yeah I said I was new to this forum BUT NOT A NOOB SIR. Why do people like you continue to mislead others with FALSE INFORMATION? Is that you David?


                                                                    Message was edited by: KERplunKIN

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                                                                        KERplunKIN wrote:


                                                                        I live in HOLLYWOOD and I test my speed FROM AN ARIZONA SERVER NOT ONE OF THE 6 THAT I SIT ON TOP OF IN L.A. I know VERY well what needs to be done, just like you say you agree, yet you are actually being a "THREAD KILLER". If you think for 1 second they "NEED MORE PROOF", you obviously haven't taken 30 minutes on the internet, LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE THAT PLAY OPPOSED TO HOW MANY DID AT RELEASE, THEY ALREADY LOST 25% of people on this game,


                                                                        Every game like this always has a huge number of people playing at release.  Now you see the average number of players that will be playing this game since not everyone plays this game every minute of every day.


                                                                        I myself have 37 Friends that HAVE ALREADY RETURNED THIS AS DEFECTIVE TO ACTIVISION WITH A FULL REFUND FOR THE GAME AND SEASON PASS.


                                                                        I guess if you whine hard enough you can get your money back for pretty much anything.


                                                                        They know something is wrong, I hjave videos that are FULL LENGTH   GAMES, that were in fact posted and REMOVED from VANDERHAARS TWITTER. Who do you think got exposure for the Did I lose this gunfight video that Von replied CHEERS too? I said I was NEW to this forum, NOT OTHERS THAT I HAVE QUITE FREQUENTLY ACCOMPLISHED MY GOAL, so in essence, don't be a thread killer, they wanted proof, THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ARE GIVING IT TO THEM,


                                                                        Depends on if what is "proof" to them.  What you think is legitimate "proof" could totally not be proof to the right people.


                                                                        and people like you try to shoot it all down,


                                                                        You are an example of people who take things out of context.  Not once did that guy try to derail this thread.  He gave very useful advice on how he thinks is the best way to go about getting this problem fixed.  You think yelling at people and telling them they are wrong is fixing this problem??  Your logic is what will derail this thread.


                                                                        wel that won't work here sir, I am THE MOST PERSISTANT PERSON YOU WILL EVER MEET, Said I was going to crash 2 hours ago, but I am still here giving replies, and trying to get ORGANIZED TO GET THIS GAME FIXED. Thousands of people can't just be MYSTERIOUSLY making this all up. I am just doing what NEEDS TO BE DONE. LETS GET THE GAME FIXED.

                                                                        Good luck with that.


                                                                        For the sake of keeping this thread alive. Please knock it off with the pretentious way you type.  The constant ALL CAPS phrases just screams pretentious jerk that won't take the opinion of others that obviously know what they are talking about.  Leave your ego out of this please for the sake of getting this problem solved.

                                                                          • Re: VONDERHAAR HERE IS YOUR PROOFof PROBLEMS.

                                                                            As you can see I HAVE NOT been rude to anyone on this thread, I CREATED IT. Quit NIT PICKING and post for the reasons of this thread. CHECK YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR PLEASE SIR thanks.

                                                                            REMEMBER we are here to help get the problem solved, not to WHINE ABOUT CAPS, when trying to illustrate a VALID POINT with EMPHASIS.

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                                                                            Not being a thread killer at all my friend. I've dealt with this just as you. I have the same issues as you. In no way did I come in here and tell you that you were wrong, that these issues didn't exist, that you haven't optimized your connection, etc, etc.. Those are the things which many people like yourself (myself included) have been and will be told from now until this game stops being made in order to kill your thread. All I did was offer my advice and experience on this battle, as I have been fighting this for two years. I also only offered advice to the many who will come on here in the future months dealing with this same issue, and things they will need to understand. I'm not here to hurt your thread. In fact by replying, I have kept it bumped and on the front page because I know this is an issue that needs fixed. But like I said, there are things that will help us, and there are things that will ultimately do us no justice. The only things I stated were key points that strengthen our message to Treyarch.


                                                                            If you are the most important person I'll ever meet, then I commend you. Because you'll have been able to accomplish and get fixed what thousands of us have been fighting for for the last 2 years. If that happens, I'll glady congratulate you for that. And I'll be even more happy that I can now play the game I've been supporting for over 5 years. However, for the one person who does this right and goes about it in the right way, there are going to be thousands who spam Vahn with theater recordings, talk about their connections in the wrong manner, and don't offer the development team the "absolute proof" they have been requesting from us for years. If you think Vahn saying "cheers." has drastically altered the course of events for this game, well then I would advise everyone from pre-maturely celebrating. All I did was offer a tip everyone. Fair enough that you don't think that's helpful, but in the long run everything I stated up there is what will get things done.


                                                                            I'd love to talk about this again in May or June of next year and see if anything's changed. If it has, I'll have my apology written and ready to deliver.




                                                                            I also see you edited your post towards and were a lot less kind the second time around, and that is fine as I don't take internet issues. As for the theater issue, Vahn and all the developers alike are going to say "Theater is not an accurate representation of the game." Nor is the killcam. I'm not making this up. I really wish I could find the letter Josh Olin wrote us two years ago, because you'd be floored by his response. Like I said, I'm on your side. I want this game fixed. And were I Vahn, rest assured I would have fixed the game already. But if this is the way you plan on going about your crusade to take this game back from the developers and give it to the people, you're going to need to fine tune your methods.

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                                                                                I don't want you to think that I am being a jerk or anything guy, but your post is a little misleading AND a bit discouraging to the people who want this fixed. If you have been dealing with this issue for so long, where are your videos? And why do you not get that THEATRE MODE is the most acurate representation of what the server sees? You do understand it is recorded server side right? That you must indeed DOWNLOAD it from the games server (where it was recorded in real time opposed to what some of us see). That my friend is misleading to say Theatre Mode is irrelevant, when it is as close as you will get with REAL TIME, not what you see on the screen in game, which is what the issue is. I don't know whether it is LAG COMP, HIT DETECTION, or something that isn't even related.  I just wish people would HELP BY POSTING PROOF when they are so quick to talk about "This is how it should be done." Kind of frustrating like when these kids have good gameplays, yet comentate on how bad the connection is. I'm not knocking you dude, just askin you to keep it FACTUAL. Thanks, and I'm sorry if we bumped heads in the wrong way, just misunderstandings, that is why we need to come together, not split hairs. I bet if Vonderhaar has 2,000 tweets every hour, he would listen.

                                                                                  • Re: VONDERHAAR HERE IS YOUR PROOFof PROBLEMS.

                                                                                    The only reason I said that theater wouldn't be accepted as proof is because Vahn and Treyarch have stated that before. I didn't say I didn't believe theater was proof. However, they will not accept that. JD2020 and Vahn were tweeted hundreds of videos during BLOPS1 about this, and every time there was a theater video they plainly stated "theater cannot be accepted as factual evidence." That's it. All I said was relaying what they have told us before. I didn't debunk or prove wrong anything you said in any of your posts. I actually have only tried to help this cause. I do not currently own a PVR, so yes I can say you have caught me there as I do not have any videos of my frustrations. However I do know they exist, just like you know they exist without needing to play me a video. You know the game is not right. But when Vahn is sitting there tweeting that he has amazing bandwith and is having no problems, that is a slap in the face to the public. I only put those points in your thread because unlike yourself, not many are educated in networking, how online gaming works, etc.. And despite there being an outcry of backlash about this game (which was exactly how MW3 was this time last year), trust me Treyarch are going to find every reason not to believe or doing anything about this.


                                                                                    So with that being said, you can take anything I've said as you want. Trust me, there will be posters who come in here and actually try to kill your thread. And they will do this by trying to prove why everything you post is wrong. I just tried to help further get this cause justified based on the instructions the developers have given us. Yes THE DEVELOPERS. Not just the posters on this forum who say that. Maccabi is going to have a field day with this thread, so be prepared. Good luck my friend.

                                                                                      • Re: VONDERHAAR HERE IS YOUR PROOFof PROBLEMS.

                                                                                        I can tell you this much, It costs $40,000 AND 7 days for a "PATCH" to get moved through Microsoft. They don't want to admit the problem, and/or know it will take multiple patches to fix this screwy netcode, so they will wait till after New Years, or longer before they do it, if then. I don't want to argue, I just want them to acknowledge the fact that something is wrong, and people aren't complaining over nothing. I mean my gamertag is KERplunKIN on 360, I have MULTIPLE GAMES, NO PROBLEM WITH ANY OTHER SERVER BASED MULTIPLAYER. I just want to know why with this game? Thank you again sir.

                                                                                    • Re: VONDERHAAR HERE IS YOUR PROOFof PROBLEMS.

                                                                                      At least I made an attempt opposed to the others who just sit there and read all the posts, unlike people who come and TRY to knock the one s trying to do good. The reason I have to edit is because there are so many misinformed like yourself in some ways, and it is frustrating considering I have already done this 3 other times with success, if they saw my REAL forum name, this thread would already be blocked sir. So yeah not my first time having to UNBRAINWASH the misinformed. Thanks for "SUPPORTING" the thread. Have a nice day.


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                                                                                  I think i just got screwed over by this game harder than anyone yet. Me and my friend just finished a game with a  survival on town. At level 43 our buddy lagged out of the game so me and my other friend just kept playing. We got to level 50 before dying. Since it was a public match that goes on the leaderboards the person that lagged out cant rejoin. You can only join session on custom games so we had no choice about playing with just the 2 of us. FOR SOME REASON THE LEADERBOARDS ONLY REGISTERED US GETTING LEVEL 43 WHEN MY FRIEND LAGGED OUT EVEN THOUGH 2 OF US KEPT PLAYING UNTIL LEVEL 50! Now instead of being ranked 7 & 8 in the world for 3 man zombies survival on town im ranked 53? Thats a complete load of crap. IT WAS OVER A 14 HOUR GAME AND NOW I GET SHAFTED OUT OF MY LEAERBOARD! ive said it before and ill say it again. this game is completely trash and i regret ever buying it. Treyarch is a complete joke.

                                                                                  • Re: VONDERHAAR HERE IS YOUR PROOFof PROBLEMS.

                                                                                    Locking this thread.


                                                                                    Reasons why.

                                                                                    • A proper thread exists: [LINK]
                                                                                    • Arguments over semantics.
                                                                                    • OP mislabels those that come to the thread to discuss the issues and provide isnight. "Thread killer."


                                                                                    Again, provide information in the proper thread. Do not continue arguments or your crusade for change. Simply deposit the information and carry on.