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    Looking for clan (bo2, on ps3)

      Psn: Donaven001


      W/L: 0.88

      SPM: Over 400

      Just looking for and active clan that plays in parties, i got a mic to.

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          Re: Looking for clan (bo2, on ps3)

          Hey Don


          My name is WildcardKing, Founder and Leader of The Reapers!


          We are a active clan and always play in parties and we play the objective.  We also got in the Silver catagories in the first 2 Clan ops they had this past weekend!


          YOu can check out our post here for more info




          we also have a website that has Forums and chat and basicly just a place to discuss the game and all that good stuff.


          Come check us out




          Be a Reaper

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            Re: Looking for clan (bo2, on ps3)

            Shadow Company wants you!  Tour our headquarters and enlist in our army.  We will guide you into battle and fight along side you.  Shadow Company offers a structured multi-platform, multi-franchise gaming experience for players of all skill levels.  We are an online gaming community with bases world wide. We offer a "friends first" environment for people of all skill levels.  We are currently recruiting for our North American and European battalions.  Visit www.theschq.com to join today!

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