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    Brilliant Game, loads of potential, but fast internet seems to have ruined it for me...

      When BO2 came out I was on a reasonable Virgin Media broadband in the UK and it was OK. Got an experience which felt right - kill cams looked like they should have and everything worked well - great game...


      I also used to be in a lobby and almost everyone had a 4 bar green connection - almost every time.


      ...However, on Friday I got a new broadband Fibre service installed giving me 30mb down and 20mb up with an average pingtest of 15ms - no traffic shaping and it is a brilliant internet connection.


      However, since this Black Ops 2 on the PS3 has become very very frustrating. Im getting killed by people who I don't see (until the kill cam show them there), I'm losing 75% of the 50-50 gun battles, wheras I used to lose 25% I reckon and I find myself getting very upset which is complete contrast to my first weeks of gaming on Black OPs 2.


      The main difference is also, that every lobby around 50% of the players now have 3 bar yellow connections, which must mean that those bars show the relationship of their connection to your connection. basically, my new connection is more powerful than their connection - demonstrated by most 3 bars showing.


      It is the 3 bars connections that become invisible, appear on kill cams when I didn't see them on screens etc etc.


      So I'm a bit stuck now - my new fast connection seems to have made multi-player awful - so much so, that I'm thinking of switching it back unless I can find a way of making it worse whilst playing on the PS3 - frustrating as the game replies on people with fast connections like myself to host the games - but on the evidence of what I have experienced, then more and more people are going to drop out which would be a huge huge shame for the game and for us.


      I do hope that this can be fixed...