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    Sick of being put in 'lost' games

      It is ridiculous how often Public Match matchmaking will throw you into games that are essentially auto-losses for you.


      I've been tossed into Hardpoint games where the team I am put on is down 200 points.

      How about 65-40 Team Deathmatch ?


      This is stupid and needs to be addressed. It has been an issue ever since I started playing CoD when Black Ops 1 came out.

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          yeah, i think they're considering a toggle that allows you to decide wether or not you want to join blown out games.  although, it could take longer to find matches.  worth the wait? probably!

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            I agree this issue can be annoying. One suggestion I've submitted before was giving a prompt with a simple confirm or discard before joining and some simple information. For example,( Team Deathmatch pregame lobby confirm or discard?)( Domination round 2 Yemen confirm or discard) I don't agree with giving scores etc because then win/loss ratios are that much easier to fabricate. But if you chose to join a match already in session YOU took that chance for a losing match and the game didn't it for you. On the plus side you could always join a winning match too.

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              Letting people see the status of the game isn't the solution.


              Stopping people quitting because they are losing is. How you do that in pub servers is anyone's guess.


              I personally never quit a game, I prefer a stable lobby even if we're losing. I just do what I can till the next game.

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                  My solution to stopping people quitting a match is simple, dont have an option in game to leave the lobby once in it, the only way they could leave the lobby would be to quit out  to the XMB and reload the game, people would soon get really annoyed doing that, another way that has been mentioned is that if you quit the game early you get a time penalty and lose some of your xp before you can search for another game.


                  They had this in Uncharted 2, you got a 30 second time out for quitting 3 games in a certain period of time (I believe 30 minutes) if you quit again it went up to a minute waiting and you lost a some XP from you rank (about 10k)

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                  Three players get lagged on and owned and decide to quit...


                  And here comes my group to get the left overs.


                  I think it's so ridiculous.


                  How about not counting it as a loss if you got put in late?

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                    yup get in the game , see the score , quit the game = 0.53 win %


                    what is even worse is when you get in a game and the opponent is spamming scorestreaks lol.


                    i actually got in a game yesterday where the first thing i saw was the final kill cam .

                    got a loss but i did get a medal for finishing the game

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                      try to play in parties. the bigger your party the less chance u have to be thrown in a game that has already started. when i play in 5 or 6 man paries i almost never get thrown into a game in progress.

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                        I think part of the problem is in making everything faster there's very little investment in each match. Losing by 5 points? Quit and start again, there is no hope.


                        Close games are far and few between, with one side steamrolling the other that sense of "we can still win this" is pretty devoid in BO2.


                        Not surprising though, when you remove all tactics except "rush the enemy", make everyone run around all the time and give them insta-death, no recoil or even kick weapons - what else do you expect...

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                          Usually people who are complaining about been thrown into an already started game are the same who are leaving a match when they are killed 3 times in the same row. I don't speak especially about any of you (I don't know you) it's a general observation .


                          So a good idea could be to add a "combined option" in the game with 2 modes :

                          1) matchmaking CAN throw the player into an already started game but the player IS allowed to leave any game

                          2) matchmaking CANNOT throw the player into an already started game but the player IS NOT allowed to leave any game


                          So if you want to play only full matches, you cannot leave any match you are playing in. It seems fair.

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                              Personally, I just about never quit a match.


                              However, this matchmaking problem makes me want to not play BO2 or waste 50 bucks on the season pass.


                              I don't like getting losses from games where I had no oppurtunity to make a difference. I'm not saying I'm a great player, I consider myself average at best, and it is unfair for me [ and others ] to be punished because other people are quitters.

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                              Yep, before I can actually start a gaming session I have to take an automatic loss. After the match ended (usually doesn't take too long, most of them are almost over), I can actually start playing and making a difference score-wise. Only then can I start influencing the match.


                              I hate it when it breaks up the lobby and puts me in another losing one. I have to, yet again, take another loss before I can properly game.

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                                It is bad when you're thrown into a losing game. You would think that by this installment that they would have had something that allows you not to be punished if you choose not to join such a lobby. Maybe enough people just haven't complained about this yet