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    Attn: Those That Have Had Their Rank Reset.

      Quit posting new threads asking to have your rank reinstated. You obviously did something you weren't suppose to, and you were caught. Treyarch doesn't just ban or de-rank someone on a whim. They have methods in place to ensure punishment is directed at the correct offenders, so playing dumb here on the forums isn't going to work in getting your rank back. You broke the rules, now pay the price. Earn it back legit this time.

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          I didn't break any rules and didn't deserve a rank reset at all and i got one because of corrupt persistent data which is nothing to do with me and there is NO WAY I am at fault for this I have done NOTHING wrong and it pisses me off to be accused by some piece of S*** like you.


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          feel free to check out my combat record A** hole.

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              LoL stop ya crying you got caught deal with it bout time there catching on to the BS that is and has been going on in the game it's 2012 us coders are learning more tricks to catch the stuff that is going on and at some point it will all end so go get ya a glass of whine were tired of hearing about it already

              Funny when you take the hackers prestige away and make then actually play to earn it you find out all the do is cry about it why they SUCK with out there little hacks to move then forward in the game as fast as some of us do with out these hacks and were playing FARE

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              I had the samething done saying the same thing. I was like how the hell was my proile corrupted?

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                Maybe, just these individual were dumb enough to reset thier stat with thier prestige award and not smart enough to know they themseleves have caused this. For example if you have the calling card that looks like an eraser then you were the cause of it. Which more then likely happen. My nephew said the same thing but was using that calling card and claiming someone hacked him, he got reported and rank reset, i then ask how did you get that calling card because i cant find it and he read it and saw what his mistake was

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                    The fresh start unlock from prestiging is NOT what is happening here, dVs, but thanks for belittling all of us. There are not thousands of people "accidentally" selecting that option, agreeing to all the menus related to it, then wondering how the hell we got reset. IT'S A GLITCH!!! Why are people having such a hard time believing that? People blame US, saying we're cheaters or we're so dumb we selected fresh start and didn't know it. NO. It is a GLITCH. They need to fix it, and that's why we're posting about it.

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                    Yes because when you reset your stats you go back only 1 prestige level and to a random level. Maybe, just YOU are dumb enough to comment on something you have no knowledge of. I do not hack and I do not cheat.


                    Mine just got corrupt as well. The situation with mine is that I play on 2 different XBOX's. I played 3 days ago on XBOX B and was at Prestige 2 Level 54. I went home 2 days ago and played on XBOX A. I prestiged to Prestige 3 and ranked up to level 18 or so. I unlocked a gold camo on 1 gun and got halfway to unlocking another. Today I log back in on XBOX B and I get the "Ranking has been corrupt" message and now I am back to Prestige 2 Level 54. All of the camo unlocking I did has been reversed as well. I got this message before but didn't notice that it reset anything because I hadn't ranked up while I was on the other XBOX.


                    I hope this is fixed in the update, because that is going to suck to have to constantly redo everything you did if you played a lot.

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                      You're an idiot, If you actually took some time to do your research about this you would know that its a glitch that alot of people are having an one of the admins(not sure what they are called) are fixing most of these resets & giving people there prestiges back ect, do a little bit of reading before you dish others out? This also happened to me & its been fixed.

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                        ATTN: Reconn7. Try not to spout negative opinions about a bunch of people you don't know. I'm one of the many people affected by this glitch and I never cheat. I don't even freaking know how I WOULD cheat. As a matter of fact, I'm probably not even that good at CoD, but all of my fun comes from ranking up. Well, now my rank was taken from me by this glitch (which seems to be tied to local games somehow, by the way).


                        I'm tired of people trying to imply that those of us with this issue were cheating or trying to tell us to stop posting and just PM Cutpurse. You can look at the subject of a post and not read it if you choose not to. For those of us posting about this, we're trying to get our game that we paid our hard earned money for to do what it is supposed to do: retain our ranks and unlocks that we worked for. This forum is a place to let these issues be known, so let us be.


                        I for one just want the dev team and customer service to be aware of this issue, and the more noise we make (those of us with the issue) the more likely we are to get noticed.

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                          You are an ignorant and very lucky moron. Ignorant because you seem to ignore the fact that A LOT of people have had this to them and even 3ARC support members are offering help, and lucky because this glitch cleary hasn't affected you!


                          Please do a little research before you jump to the conclusion that everyone is a hacker/cheater/booster.

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                            This is the perfect example of a smart-mouthed kid who doesn't even begin to understand that games have bugs and those bugs aren't always found or squashed before a release.


                            A friend of mine was deranked almost 55 levels (he was Prestige 1, level 40 or so, and got deranked back down to Prestige 0 level 45). The dude doesn't cheat, he got some sort of "Error: currupted data upon save" or something along those lines meaning the data the BO2 server received got corrupted during transfer, screwing his account out of a whole prestige.


                            Now, this could be a security measure made by Activision or someone who wanted to 'punish' bad data from being sent to their servers but to derank someone for corrupted data that they obviously didn't purposely send is complete garbage in my opinion.


                            I have so many other friends who've taken advantage of Game Stop's $40 trade in value of BO2 to go over to Skyrim or something, but for some reason (and call me whatever, I really don't care) I believe I am one of the very few faithful people left who thinks that the majority of the garbage will be washed away soon and BO2 will run better than ever.

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                              Yea, because having all your stats reset back to level 1 within 6 hours of a TITLE UPDATE is not a bug or anything...

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                                I went to the multiplayer lobby and it said the server was down, or something to that effect, so I went to local offline and played a match with bots. I came back to the Xbox Live lobby and my rank, which was level 50 (Prestige 1), was reset. Those saying everyone whose rank has been reset cheats are dead wrong, as I have never cheated or boosted. I've read reports of others who have had startlingly similar cases, so I know it's a glitch of some sort.


                                I hope my rank and stats can be restored, as if they aren't, I will probably trade the game in. I don't mean that to sound a threat or petty or such; it's just that I've worked hard to get my rank and it is unfair on Treyarch's part to expect victims of this glitch to just deal with it and keep playing with the knowledge that something like this can happen at any time. It is lazy on Treyarch's part to assume victims like myself are cheaters and not even consider the possibility that this is a glitch that they are responsible for.