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    My issues with BO2..  whats yours?



      1. Lag, lag, and more lag..  I have done everythign i can to find the match that suits me best, but nothing works..   contstant 2 bar connection

      2. Theater..  BROKEN since day 1

      3. Call of dtuy elite integration..  Clan ops leaderboards shows members that havent even bought the game in first place on our leaderboards

      4. Matchmaking..   always puts me in a losing lobby.. Cap the flag, find match, places me in Round 2 of 2 down 2 caps to none with 1 minuted left..

      5. Campaign .. Freezes

      6. Leaderboards..  Score per minute...  please

      7. Lack of Hardcore Mode Games..  we get 4?  seriously? 



      I pre-ordered the game the first day it was available for pre-order.. june or july i think..  i purchased Season Pass on day 1..  i am an elite premium member..  i have read all the guides of how to get the best possible connectioin.. According to activision, 728kbps is the best connection for this game.. well i made it so my router connects me at that speed..  and guess what, STILL NOT GOOD!!!    10,000 kbps, not good, 500kbps, even worse...  


      so this weekend, we had our clans play in the BO2 clan operations, and in the MW3 clan operations...   there were 2500 more clans on MW3 clan ops this sunday then on the BO2 clan ops...  i think there is a reason for this... as bad as MW3 is, its still a better play then the current state of BO2... obviously, this isnt just my opinioin since the numbers dont lie..


      sunday night primetime.... BO2 playlists..  147,000 people in all playlists...   same time.. MW3 playlists..  345,000 in all playlists...


      have people really given up on BO2 already?


      i have a clan that is 100+ people..  infact we operate 2 elite clans..  its hard to keep people motivated for BO2 when they have such a difficult time with even playing the game?



      This is a rant, but its also a constructive criticism of the game..   I love COD..  i own every COD that has came out since 2006, i have purchased every DLC for each game since then also..


      I know im not alone here, but the question is..   will this game be fixed?  what is being done to right the wrong?   why are the players dropping off this game like flys?


      i can normally play thru a COD game in the first month and still love the game, infact most games i have been able to play for 9 months before getting bored...  i cant see myself playing this game to much longer...   i want to like it, but its hard to with the issues currently present in this title..


      so what, there is more clips you can save now, its a month into the game and i still am not able to use theater..


      Thank you.

      A frustrated, and concerned gamer

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          Re: My issues with BO2..  whats yours?

          i agree with everything you have said, i dont play in legit clans like yourself but me and about 6/7 other mates play the game together a lot we have done since BO1 we have always had good games we didnt always win but the games were usually very close and fun. BO2 does not know the meaning of fun, the spawning is a joke because of the speed of players even with ext cond and because the maps are so small with so many twists and turns. Im convinced the damage changes from gun to gun as people often kill me when i'm using the AN94 with a smg from a distance but when i try to do the same thing i'm destroyed, there inst much that is right with this game but the lag comp is just amking everything worse. theyw ont bother to sort the bugs til after xmas when all the kids have got their parents to buy the game for them. it was exactly the same with mw3 but i liked that game i could play it and not always win but have cose down to the wire games, in this one team is always predominantly in front with at least 4 of the players on a 2 or more kd whilst the other team usually mine like yourself might have one positive player, its a joke 3arc are a massive let down this time, this game could be brilliant but if nothing changes soon i believe people will revert to mw3 im very tempted myself.

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              Re: My issues with BO2..  whats yours?

              exactly..  which leads me to something i forgot, and you brought up...


              FUN!   The spawns in this game are TERRIBLE at best....


              David Vahn said specifically time and time again..  "we have taken great steps to notice, adjust and locate the spawns where you CAN NOT GET SPAWN TRAPPED"  


              well guess what... CAP THE FLAG is bad, TDM is bad, and DOM is bad...


              CTF..  you can literally put a guardian and a sentry on either side of the deck on the boat map, and its game over... you spawn directly infront of the guardian..     or you spawn with the sentry in your face... 


              really, thats fixing spawns?    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRIaZ8N0ZJI  


              watch that video, this spawn is the same on most game modes on this map...   its crazy, and if they put effort into fixing spawns, its not much effort at all

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