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    Quickscopers here, there and everywhere

      I have a question! Would it not be possible to make lobbies where quickscoping is possible and some where it is not ?


      I know a lot of people did´nt play BO1 because quickscoping was too difficult or whatever. Also there are tons of people who absolutely hate it (me being one).


      BO2 has lots of obvious big issues IMO but this is always one of these things people complain about one way or the other (leave it in / leave it out) and feel quite strongly about.

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          I just like how quickscopers think they are good lol. Look at the score at the end of the game, always negative.

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            I can't see this ever happeninh sadly, one thing I'll never understand is why they all flock to objective game modes and any sort of 'special' playlist. DLC launch, Overwatch 24/7 on MW3, Nuketown etc.. dickscopers, dickscopers everywhere.

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                First off i play objectives either way thats just the game style i like, been that way forever. And second probably most do it because you can guard objectives. And maps like nuketown... sorry to say it but that map is amazing to spawn snipe. I alot of times walk into the garage from the house and quick scope calaterals down the alley even triple and quad calats too. Quickscopers huddle to search for the reason that getting final kill cam is so much easier espicially when they get a sick one like 1080 double tap fakie or somthing along those lines. Same goes with objectives if your team is winning you can easily get a kill cam. Im not saying thats the only reasons.. those are just some. Everyone has there reasons for playing the way they like to or what they play so i cant answer for everyone.