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        320. Re: Hardcore Modes

        there needs to be at least HC kill confirmed with instant spawning and maybe dominaition, headquarters  or even some multi team could be fun, but first the spawns need to be fixied or else this will be a huge mess.


        overall more HC modes and nuketown 2025 in all playlists

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          321. Re: Hardcore Modes

          I want to see...


          HC HQ

          HC Dom

          HC Dem

          HC KC

          HC Hardpoint


          We really need HC to change to Ricochet and i really really hate waiting to respone MW3 does not do that why in the hell do we need that in Ops 2.


          I started off playing MW2 in core bc it was my 1st time ever playing any COD. Then i started playing HC and loved it. You really need to make HC better. Plue the reason you don't have a big fan base is bc you have to wait everytime you get killed. Ppl want to play the game and not wait.


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            322. Re: Hardcore Modes

            As far as the limited hardcore modes go, it is rather saddening really.  I am General of a clan with around 50 members, all of which are hardcore players.  Mainly we play(ed) Hardcore Domination and Kill Confirmed on MW3.  Since BO2 came out though we've been forced to either play core, or play game modes that we aren't as familiar with or that we don't enjoy as much.  I also know that within the community I am a part of there are many other clans that are "Hardcore Only" clans.  I can understand that the ratio between core and hardcore makes it seem like hardcore variants aren't worth having, but I would like to make a point looking from the perspective of the player.  By not having equivalent hardcore variants you're basically forcing clans such as my own into a rather unpleasant situation.  We have actually had a drop in our clans activities strictly because of the fact that our people don't wish to play core and aren't fans of TDM or Search.  I understand that the hardcore community isn't as big as the core community but by not providing the same services to both sides of the spectrum, it alienates the players. 


            Why is it that hardcore players/clans don't get the same amount of respect as the core community? We all want the same thing, to be able to get online, play, and have fun with playing the game modes that we enjoy.


            As far as making hardcore a bunch of different most pit modes, I disagree with that idea.  If I want to play Domination or Kill Confirmed, I shouldn't have to vote in a lobby and end up possibly playing Search or TDM.


            Hopefully I haven't been beating a dead horse here posting my opinions, I haven't read through all 33 pages of this thread.  So if I'm just repeating what has already been said then I do apologize.  But I do feel that even if it has been said, that it bears repeating until some sort of change comes about.

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              323. Re: Hardcore Modes

              Please, I want to re-watch the game modes in Hardcore

              HC Dom

              HC KC




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                324. Re: Hardcore Modes

                MMASYW wrote:


                "Not enough traffic to justify every game type in Hardcore mode"


                Well, what can i say, other than that is not to far outside the country of utter horsecrap.


                I work in retail and i can tell you, that, the only reason there is limited HC traffic in BO2 is due to the lack of availability of game types in HC, where i work there is a rule, almost a law, stating that;


                "you cannot attract the customer if you dont have the goods they are looking for available."


                So if your wasting time debating which game types to make available to HC let me say this. Make TD/FFA/SnD/CTF/Dom/Demo/KC/HQ/Moshpit/ ?Objective Barebones? and Sabotage available in HC for a trial period of 3 months, afdter which you could cut the bottom 3.


                If HC traffic does not increase enough to warrant them all over that time, then so be it, at least you tried. But in all fairness i fear the damage has already been done by releasing the game with 4 HC modes, it kinda gives the impression that you dont care about HC and SCis going to be your main, which is pants because the amount of bullets you have to use to drop people is rediculous.


                Almost all of my friends play SC, so i either have have to suck it up and play SC which is not a pleasant experience or they try HC and not being used to having an almost bare UI puts them off aswell.


                Treat both SC and HC equally for awhile and see what happens.



                  this is one of the bests posts in here..   well, atleast part of it...


                If you build it , they will come.. it has been a philosophy that has worked since the beginning of time?  yet, it somehow doesnt apply to this game?       all i play is HARDCORE, my friends say they will never buy another treyarch game after black ops 1.. but i gave it a shot...    now, i know to not do so again..   they made me a fan by all the hype of "HARDCORE MODE" support like none other in this game.. but after that promise, we get 4 modes?   


                this game is dying already and its 1 month old...     not even a month..     some of my clanmates have already returned the game for trade on HALO..   i would rather play a shitty version of Call of Duty then ever play halo.. however, i gotta find something to do..  maybe back to madden, or ncaa..


                Good luck HARDCORE MODE PLAYERS....  i hope they listen..  maybe if you had OPTIC in your name, you would get some attention..  if you were YOUTUBE Famous perhaps..  

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                  325. Re: Hardcore Modes

                  So I just checked, and guys guess what? Combat Training has 987 people playing it, AND it takes up two playlist spots....WAIT, WHAT? How does that make any sensefrom what VAHN stated earlier, about server traffic being needed? Sounds like a typical hypocritical statement said to disregard HC players. I wont even start about the lack of players in several core game modes, ie. Multi team, mercenary moshpit, ctf and HQ.All which have under 3500 players, but they warrant there own playlist ONLY because they are in the CORE playlist.



                  On a side note, why did everyone immediately jump and thank Vahn for responding to this post. He told you that HC gets the shaft and WILL CONTINUE to get the shaft and yet everyone is all OMG thanks Vahn for responding we can tell you care since you replied. BS, if he cared they wouldnt have hyped this game as a game with GREAT HC selection and playability.

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                    326. Re: Hardcore Modes

                    Please, for the love of God, bring back HCKC and Dom.. etc.  We need some real, obejective based, non camp style, no respawn delay HC games so the HC community can earn points at the same pace as the Core community.


                    That is all.

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                      327. Re: Hardcore Modes

                      First off I think core sucks. In every Call of Duty game I have played hardcore and now I am basically forced to to play core with a bunch of idiots who quick scope, and much more. I'm tired of having to pray and spray to kill or even hit someone. In MW3 my K/D was damn good but now with this game it's pitiful. Not that I really care but I mean come on. The respawning is horrendous. I am constantly getting killed in the back....constantly. Hardcore is fun as hell and we can't even enjoy it because we have to play crappy hardcore games. ATLEAST take off the 7 second wait time in team deathwatch. I bought this game hoping to play hardcore because that is what I'm used to. Playing core is just horrible. Absolutely horrible.

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                        328. Re: Hardcore Modes

                        Its funny how in MW3 we were able to play Kill Confirmed, the new gametype introduced at the time right from the START....Black ops 2 added multi-team, hardpoint, nuketown 2025 yet no hardcore variants at launch.....   Its lame how you shell out money for a game, get excited about a new gametype. Then get told maybe later you can play it since you guys are a "minority". (44035 Thread views and counting lol)

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                          329. Re: Hardcore Modes




                          Kill confirmed should defenatly be added to HC game mode playlist

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