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    Looking for some DOM people to play with.

      Hello everyone, am looking for some people to play with me in domination.


      My K/D is 1.65 but my W/L is damn bad, am trying to win every game I play but am losing all of em due to people not playing like they should.

      I'm searching some people that wants to play the real Domination, no requirements needed, you just got to play it right.

      We could play most likely in the evening.

      Reply here or add me on the PSN

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          I am getting a UK based team together to enter the league play, game types include domination, ctf, S&D and Hardpoint. We will play most evenings (provided the missus doesn't have a moan that we spend far too much time on COD). To enter the league there needs to be 4 players, I am trying to get more than 4 to join the clan so when one can't play others can. The clan is 52ACES and the only rule is play the objective no matter how many times you die trying. Let me know if your interested.

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            I made a thread similar to this yesterday for domination players...I only play domination my k/d sucks but I capture my *** off. I'll send you a pm if you want to add me..