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    Treyarch starting to de rank hackers Yay!!

      A few days ago around 10 oclock GMT in the afternoon i was enjoying a game of black ops 2 when my friend said to me that he had hacked 10th prestige. At first i thought he was joking but i checked his rank on the leaderboards and there he was 10th prestige lvl 55. i was in shock to see that there are all ready people hacking 10th. as i woke up the next morning i had seen that about half of my friends had hacked 10th prestige. but it was already a matter of time before they got de ranked. and i was right. but some people got different kinds of the de rank system. some people got to level 1 no prestige and where allowed to rank up again. but some people got to level 55 no prestige. i was a bit confused why Treyarch would de rank them to 55 no presitge. but then it came clear to me. If they were to prestige they would not be allowed to rank up anymore and just stick to level 1. So hopefully Treyarch will keep up the good work and stop as many hackers a possible in the future