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    League play!



      Just played the first 5 matches to qualifyfor a league. Won 4 out of 5, 3 mvp's and the one I lost I was the best of my team.

      Still I got a bronze league? hmm how good do you have to be to be in the top? Sure it wasn't perfect, but bronze league?? come on..


      So I started playing in the bronze league, the first round I played was against people from the highest league..wtf, I thought it was against people from you own skill level? So we lost, people left...no fun at all... have to admid they were good...verry good aim. I am not that fast...but still, bronze??


      Oh and solo rank based on team wins? so if I played good but the team did not I fail... hmm...


      I like the concept a lot, but I think at this moment it need improvements. What do you think?





      Sorry for my bad english, it is not my language (you know what I mean)

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          this solo system is flawed at best. team wins for solo ranks is just stupid. half the time your team leaves halfway into the match and your left helpless. and then there's the connect interruptions that leave you waiting for 10 minutes for the match to end without being able to do anything at all.....

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              F l_l C l< league play


              I have to drag my teamates across the finish line for a measly 10 points.

              When they quit i lose 150


              The only people happy with league play are people with well organized clans or people who suck and dont really care about a "rank"

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              I think the league play is great, I am also Bronze, was Silver but got demoted after a few losses, it's a really good feature, I am a fan of the esports setup, sorts the men from the boys.


              You still get people leaving mid game, pulling the plug when hosting, but all in all it's good.


              You can get six of your clan to play with you in certain games (TDM Series), you get ranked as solo, but can play as a team.

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                  it's BS. how credible is a solo rank you only get from team wins? not a true reflection of skill AT ALL the way it is now. So i can only get a good solo rank by playing with a full team?? Doesn't matter if i play objective or do good as long as my team doesn't leave and wins te match.....This reeks of boosting and cheating.


                  Moshpit should be like mercenary mode so you can't take a party with you and should be based on personal performance instead of overal team performance.

                  Champion is good though if you can get & can keep a group together

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                    I am in the Platinum rank on the first league and in the bronze of the third.


                    I am playing solo and it is quite difficult in some matches; i would prefer to play in moshpit where it is 4 against 4 and EVERY player matters - but there are only few people playing it.


                    My ONLY reason for playing league matches is that they are more playable (less LAG) because of the "better" matchmaking...

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                        Thank you wolfridge for proving my point

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                      I am trying to get a UK based team together for Champions league as I think that the solo league is massively flawed. 52ACES on elite, hit me up if you're interested!