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    if only dedicated servers existed in cod...

      it would literally fix every single problem that exists in this game. i understand it costs money but us LEGIT players probably wouldnt mind paying a monthly fee just to have a consistent game.

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          Well, for past COD games I would completely agree. With this game, it wouldn't matter unless you like mindlessly running around with an SMG for 10 minutes on maps the size of a pinhead.

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            garretu wrote:


            if only dedicated servers existed in cod...



            ... then matchmaking would still be an issue.


            You're welcome.

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              For all the naysayers that are completely against dedicated servers... they should at least try them. With all the technology today, couldn't they create dedicated servers that fit this game? They break sales records every year. They made $500 million in a weekend with the release of Black Ops 2. They could at least dedicate some money into the next title to improve matchmaking connections.Either at least try to research and develop servers that would work or maybe adopt a new idea besides servers I'm sure there is something out there. Think outside the box.

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                garretu wrote:


                it would literally fix every single problem that exists in this game.

                You really don't know what you're talking about do you?

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                  Im on PC with "dedicated servers" and that solves nothing, its the same lag ccompensation as MW3 at the begining

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                    Dedicated servers that actually are dedicated.


                    The Battlefield servers for the 360 have been "sloppy servers".

                    "Ye're shooting? Just a minute, I'll go wash my hands and see what the other players in the rest of the world are up to, then I'll get back to you. Oh, it's close quarters combat? They really should make an animation for that so that I don't have to deal with it. Ok.

                    The results are in.

                    You're dead.

                    You were killed by that guy from Australia, but you killed that guy from America.

                    Would you like to spawn on that guy from south-africa?

                    Hey! Don't be so picky! These servers are for EVERYONE!


                    Next thing you know, you'll ask why the heck australians, japaneese, americans and europeans are on the same server in the first place.

                    I'm trying to have LUNCH here! GO AWAY! Just quit the effing game if you can't handle 400 millisecond delays because we use freaking satelite broadband.

                    We have to, you know -- to reach the entire world. Doh."


                    ^ My Bad Company 1 and Bad Company 2 experience.



                    Apart from south-africa -- I DID record games where multiple players WERE from Japan, Australia, USA and the rest of us Europe.


                    The only thing that possible COULD have been worse would be if players from the international space station were ingame -- but I don't believe that would've mattered too much anyway.


                    I remember when dedicated servers MEANT something.

                    When you got BANNED for 5 hours from TOUCHING 90 ping to the server for even one second.


                    Right now, dedicated servers in games like Battlefield 3 seem to collect 100 milliseconds worth of data before it even STARTS to try to sort the events out, making short range combat an absolut joke, and enforcing Call of Duty's role as the leading first person SHOOTER on market.


                    EVERYONE with over 100 ping or 5 ms jitter should just get the finger and be allowed to get their actions put into the game IF their actions don't interfer with low ping connections, and have their jitter be standardized on top of their lowest ping, each of their packets delayed to the worst jitter / same amount of ping for each packet they force the server to sort out.

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                      screw that paying a monthly fee, these buttholes already bleed us dry with all the money they've made from all the copies they've sold plus all the money they'll make from future dlc...with all that revenue you'd think they could put some of that money into the servers.

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                        The funny thing is that there are dedicated servers running on all platforms, at least that's the official version.


                        I'm on PC and they said it multiple times -> ranked games run off dedicated servers.

                        It starts to get funny though when you compare the problems each platform has -> the same things happen on all of them.

                        Lag compensation, laggy games, bad matchmaking. Can't be a coincidence.

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                          Dedicated servers are the way to go for all online gaming.


                          Its stupid to rely on some kids antiquated console and dsl connection to host everybodys game , with dedicated servers you eliminate CONSTANT HOST MIGRATION and GAMES LOST DUE TO DASHBOARDING.


                          With Dedicatedservers you can play all day without a host change and the inconsistencies that occur from host changes ,which in COd happen nearly every game if not during the game.




                          You know this when the host has a three bar connection because the LAG COmpensation algorithims determine to add LATENCY(LAG) to his/her connection to put them on par with the slowest connection in the room.


                          The problem is that this game is broken from the NETCODE to the LAG COMPENSATION METERING.


                          Go back to COD4.MW2(I would say WAW but its hacked), and BO1 if you want a game that lets you have balanced gun fights.