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    Incentives that should be added to further promote objective play (this isn't a rant, I like this game)

      I have always despised your run of the mill deathmatch player playing in an objective game who then brags in the lobby after their team just got stomped 200-40 in domination.  And I am not alone in feeling that obviously.


      I don't think those players will ever go away, because that's just part of humanity that people will still do stuff like that.  I also don't think that the COD franchise would ever hide your K/D in an objective match because that's just part of the COD culture.  I do wish they would add ALL of the relevant stats per game type so you could paint a much better picture of a player's contribution to a game however.


      So, this game and all of the rewards have always been built on kills in various forms, headshots, one shots, killstreaks etc.  Recently, scorestreaks have been implemented, which DEFINITELY help the promotion of objective based play.  The problem is, more often than not, the bias towards kills still shines through at the worst of moments.  For example, a player might not try to plant in demolition with 30 seconds left if they are one kill away from their lightning strike, or they are one kill away from a bloodthirsty award for their gold camo.  It's because the ultimate rewards in this game have always been built around kills.  Yes, they have titles and emblems given for certain objective achievements, but I think it's time to take the next step.


      I think the next step in the player reward system is to add additional in-game cosmetic changes whether it be for guns, outfits, etc that are related to objective achievements, as well as having more glorified challenges for objectives as well, similar in the ilk to the 25 kill title/emblem.  I may never get the 25 kills in a row in a team deathmatch game (I DID get legit nukes in MW2 lol), but I sure as heck would strive for capping a flag in domination 20 times in a game if the situation presented itself.  Other "legendary" objective achievements could also unlock certain titles and emblems.  How about if you have a game with 50 kills and 20 caps, that could unlock an even better title/emblem. How about if you have 100 30 kill 10 cap games you unlock a title/emblem.  These would clearly advertise the type of player you are and show that you go for objectives, and differentiate yourself from the typical "deathmatch in objective gametype" player


      It would be nice if there was a coveted camo you could unlock for weapons by capping the B flag 1000 times (whatever arbitrary number it may be).  Yes, I mean only B, because people who play objectives know how much of a ***** it is to cap B versus a hostile A or C flag....500 plants in demolition, etc.


      You understand what I am getting at, and these are things that objective players would get at a much faster rate than the non-objective players, which would be vice-versa to the current norm in COD when it comes to headshot and oneshot related camo awards.


      These would all really be small additions to the COD series, but Activision needs to understand these small awards go a long way in shaping how players as a whole will play overall.  I would love this and I think they should do it!