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    Black-ops 2 is the greatest game ever

      Thank you devs for this absolutely outstanding game, yeah you get lag comp but who cares, its a 50/50 chance of getting a good game, same goes for everyone so we all have to deal with it and considering we are playing globally but what do some people expect, perk wise the game is perfect, scorestreak wise some game modes aka TDM and FFA could do with a tweak, HC gamemodes wise we could do with some more but I wont go into detail as I know there's a big thread going, map wise the game is perfect, not too slow like Blops and not too mazey like MW3, Core could possibly do with a little bit more power added to the assault rifles, a couple of max prestiger's on my friend list who I reported got reset within days so that is also great and shows treyarch are very quick to react, ghost is perfect now as well as it feels very much like cod4, overall I am extremely happy, anyone else feel the same?

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          strange that you made an account with a name that's one underscore away from being the same as a recent poster on here. just sayin.

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            I honestly thought more people would share the same views as me, even my namesake doesn't so its not looking good, if you have different oppinion's feel free to share them.

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              I disagree.  A lot of this comes down to personal taste.


              Personally I thought BO1 had perfect gunplay (killtimes, recoil ext.)  I also thought it had perfect map design.  Average engagement range was much larger, combined with more gun recoil meant you had to be more accurate (hitting a smaller target) and control your weapon to bring them down.


              There was also a better flow.  You could flank better and more safely (as long as you were cautious of danger areas), not have people spawning behind you constantly among other things.


              Now some players will like the close quarter/maze setup, but there are some of us that much prefer the more traditional design from cod 4 up till black ops.

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                  To an extent I agree, the original Blops I was a HC HQ player and the maps did suit it perfectly, on this I play HC CTF exclusively and its almost as if the maps were designed for it but on the original I despised CTF and on this I despise HQ, suppose it depends on the gamemode, kind of the same way that on MW3 all maps seemed suited to DOM but on both Blops DOM just doesn't work right.

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                  Greatest game ever may be a stretch, less than one month into it's life cycle. Time will tell where it stands.


                  I am enjoying it quite a bit, personally. I have been fortunate enough to not have major issues.


                  For me, though, I always enjoy CoD. Just love playing with friends. While it can be frustrating, I just get a kick out of the competition and the WTF moments. Always the most infinitely replayable games for me.