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    Treyarch You Do Not Have The Right To Say That

      I watched some ad on youtube about black ops 2 and that ad says that bo2 has the best multiplayer of all time or something  . That is a complete lie and we all know that , because even thought I like bo2 MP i admit that even mw3 was kind of better than bo2 . Bo2 support headgltiching , camping and teamwork , not to mention that you have to reload after every kill and ghost is at level 55 . Please delete that ad ? To be honest if I had to chose between BO2 and mw3 i would chose mw3 because even though it had deathstreaks and overpowred FMG9s it was better . Btw how the fuk do you get the specialist killstreak in black ops 2 , i hate all killstreaks in the game , i just want more perks  ?