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    Is it me or is ever post negative?!

      I'm starting to think that this game really sucks! 90% of these posts are about :

      • Lag
      • Lag compression
      • lack of hardcore playlist
      • SMG overpowered
      • sniper rifles one shot kills
      • shotguns one shot kills
      • probation time
      • UAV spams
      • no SAM turrets
      • how they lied about being ping based not rank based matches
      • player dashboarding
      • how we we're lied to about 24/7 nuke town (never closed) bullsh$t
      • leader boards reset or screwed up or players losing rank for no reason
      • head glitching
      • no random spawns for HQ or harpoint
      • Spawn camped on CTF matches
      • Put in rooms with losing team 150-0!! Then cant leave or be sent to corner for time out!
      • Getting shot around a corner
      • pistols more powerful then most SMG and assault rifles
      • being hacked from a mile away
      • normal knife is broken miss 70% of time
      • NO BETA TESTING = Crap game this is why COD 4 is best COD made!
      • MORE TO COME......
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