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    BO2 makes older CoDs more fun...discuss.

      Some here will know my opinions on BO2 so I won't spend 20 paragraphs going through them all again. One thing I will say though is thanks to BO2 I'm enjoying older CoD games a whole lot more.


      If you have me on your friends list on PSN (I know 3 or 4 do) you may have spotted I spent last night on MW3 and today on BO1 and even World At War. What did I learn by playing these. They're ALL better than BO2 and by a considerable margin.


      I won't discuss MW3 as 1) That was an IW release and 2) It should still be pretty fresh in the mind, but quick notes on the other Treyarch 2.


      When I decided to put World At War in, I didn't even expect anyone to be playing it. I wasn't far wrong with only 1000 online, but the games I played on it were incredible. Considering the major lack of numbers, and also considering the online problems thanks to what they claim is still the aftermath of the hurricane, I thought it would be lag infested and horrible. Instead, the lobby ran smoother than any BO2 game I've had, the maps were nice with areas for all gameplay styles (CQC, Mid-Range, LOS) and nothing felt unbalanced or nooby. It was all nice and simple, killstreaks at 3, 5 and 7 didn't feel limiting, nothing was overly hectic, spawns worked well. Massively enjoyed the time on this.


      Moving to BO1, released 2 years after WAW. Again, maps were suitable for a variety of styles. Certain aspects feel ever so slightly imbalanced but overall no complaints. Games run relatively smoothly, weapons on the most part balanced well. Killstreaks also balanced. I really enjoyed going back to this one. It was my first major plunge into CoD online (WAW I only played on the rare occasion) so I always held it in high regard. There's no massive killstreak spam problem although at times there were multiple things going up into the air.


      In BO2 it seems like things are getting spammed in from start to finish, but only the low end killstreaks because they're effective and easy to earn. As you move towards the high end streaks nobody uses them because it seems impossible to get that many points on the tight maps. The maps themselves are ridiculous in comparison to World At War and BO1, designed almost exclusively for CQC and rushing.


      I won't sit here bashing BO2 for an hour like I have in previous threads but when compared with past editions (and I don't just mean sit and think about the old games, I mean actually go back and play them to compare) you realise how cluttered and silly it is.


      Has anyone else gone back to any older games to compare? Would love to know opinions if you have.

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          Just put mw1 on and luvin it..... Black ops 2 is dead to me...

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            Hey Gould!!


            I havent BO1 or WAW, but I always liked MW3 a lot!!


            BO2 has been working better, the spawns are not great but, most of the times, its our teams randoms that mess the spawns, and their order, not really the game engine!


            Maybe ill catch you up on MW3 later!!!

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                I think BO2's Spawn System struggles so much purely because the maps are so tight and cluttered. I think after a few patches it might become a semi-decent game, just doesn't play like a CoD game should though which is sad.


                MW3 was a very good game. I'm probably a tiny bit biased towards it though because it's the one I've done best on but it really played nicely and despite it's massively flawed spawns and the hated deathstreaks it was a much more complete game compared to BO2.

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                I played MW and MW2 during the first two weeks of bo2 and was loving it.


                There was 17k people online the first night I played MW2 and 25k the next night. I played for a few days until I prestiged for a 5th time

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                  Don't like it? Don't play it!


                  Simple as that really! No one will force you to play BlOps 2. No one really cares!


                  I like the game...I see areas that could use improvement but that's the case in all games I've played. One of the great things about this franchise having so many different titles is that you have the option to play any of them that you prefer.


                  Like it or not, the tight maps and hidden corners is the future of the franchise. People cry and cry about camping and the developers are responding to the complaints by making camping difficult. This is exactly the type of game maps, scorestreaks and everything else that people over the past 5 years have been asking for. Now they have it and want to complain about it?!?! Makes no sense!


                  Can't please everyone with one game...good thing there are 8 or so options to choose from!

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                      And everything you've said here has absolutely nothing to do with the topic I'm trying to raise. I'm asking about if people are enjoying past CoD releases more now thanks to BO2, although I can't say I'm surprised someone has gone for the 'OMG, don't like it don't play duhhh' reply.


                      I will briefly mention this part though;




                        People cry and cry about camping and the developers are responding to the complaints by making camping difficult. This is exactly the type of game maps, scorestreaks and everything else that people over the past 5 years have been asking for. Now they have it and want to complain about it?!?!



                      The complaints made in past releases have always been by a very very tiny minority. This always gets amplified though because people are much more likely to join a forum to complain than to say 'by golly good job'. That's the nature of forums, and also the nature of people. Upon talking to my serious gaming friends that play CoD on the ps3 I note one thing. This edition of the game is the very first one to make them unhappy.


                      In fact, I know people that have returned this edition or given their copy away. Past releases they wouldn't stop praising. This one, they hate.


                      It's no co-incidence that the level of complaints for this game is much higher than past editions. They tried too hard to please the whining minority from last year that they've now alienated the happy majority. They're the ones now complaining.


                      It's been reported that Activisions sales at this point for BO2 are 15% lower than at the same stage after the MW3 release. I wonder why...

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                      Can't play black ops 2 back playing mw3 but I still go back to cod4 the best  most simple and most fun cod ever fun times on cod4;)

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                        I miss playing Hack Fare 2, Horrid Frame Rate Textures Didn't Load Ops, and Loud Blarring Noise 3.

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                          Been playing COD4 and WAW, i don't think BLOPS2 has made them more fun, as they've always been good..........MW3 seems to have loads of new players on it , which is a bit strange....so i'm guessing most regular COD players are on BLOPS2......i can't seem to get on with it though

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                              The MW3 numbers are really solid, currently 164,000 online. I think all the new players are jumping on board because it's cheap to buy now and looks like it has a really solid lifespan.


                              True, the old games have always been good but I really appreciate and enjoy them more now after comparing them to BO2. They just seem to be more complete games geared towards a more varied play style. Tactics are also a big part of past editions. BO2 though, not so much.

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                                  MW3 was/is a hell of a great game! During last months, while we were playing and really enjoying it, I saw/heard those many voices saying MW3 was garbage! It was not, and I bet its still good!


                                  Of course sometimes the lag was enormous and creepy (specially on weekends!), of course there were all the headglitchers, and all those exploiting Objective modes for MOAB's: but I couldnt ever understand how so many people could say it was a bad game! the game was/is freakin good!!


                                  BO2 is a bit different but not that so much different (as it may seem). Vertically the maps are smaller (in terms of distance from one side to the other), but i think that horizontally the maps are more complex (different levels, lots of rooms). There is a lot of people still learning the maps so what you see a lot now (and that I hope will start vanishing through time) is that people respawn and start running everywhere and then the respawn system easily make enemies spawn right behind you!!...

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                                I hated MW3. The lag issues, MP7 tryhards, etc. I preorderd BLOPS 2 thinking it would live up to the hype but, sadly, it didn't even come close. I get horrible lag, insta-killed in two shots at any range, and my PS3 console freezes even after the patch.

                                Despite all the hate I have for MW3, I'm actually enjoying playing it again bcuz BLOPS 2 is so bad for me. I just find it truly pathetic that 3arc would release this bug filled, crappy game  knowing full well all the issues with it, and then take their sweet old time correcting issues.

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                                  COD4 an WAW will always be the best in the series, everything after that fails. MW2  wasn't as good as everybody says it is, MW3 big fail, BO1 wasn't bad but still wasn't all that great an BO2 well we all know how ppl feel about it.