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    Score-Streaks for Each Class

      Sooo, why can't I set up different score-streaks for each class? To me, this was a no-brainer to implement in this game.

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          Re: Score-Streaks for Each Class

          That was a IW gimmick this is not an IW game and what IW does seldom if ever shows up in a 3arc game since they are two seperate companies with two different views on how the game should be made or played.

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              Re: Score-Streaks for Each Class

              A gimmick...???? That's just lol. I would consider scorestreaks for each class more of a "addition" than a "gimmick".


              The game was glorified for the endless customizability... This would just be another way to customize each individual class.


              Just because you're prejudice against IW doesn't mean they can't do anything right. For instance, CoD4 got this franchise started on console.. And with a bang I might add. One year later, W@W came out. It's safe to say that this Franchise wouldn't be raking in the money it does without IW getting the series off on the right foot..


              Besides, your apparent hatred for IW is like mine for Treyarch. When BO1 came out, I couldn't have been more displeased. Now, I'm here again on the forums wondering WTH Treyarch? Granted, this game could have been worse, it goes without saying that it could be 100x better......

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              Re: Score-Streaks for Each Class

              Agreed "No Brainer", this is CoD and whoever thinks of a great idea be it IW or 3arc they should keep it in the game. That way the game evolves.

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                Re: Score-Streaks for Each Class

                Yes i would have loved too have this back i will be in certain situations and wish i had a certain ScoreStreak

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                  Re: Score-Streaks for Each Class

                  Scorestreaks on classes was a good idea.


                  I don't like changing my scorestreaks the last 10 seconds -- after seeing the map we're playing on.


                  Plaza? Damn -- better remove my Lightning Strike and Stealth Helicopter!


                  Slums? Yay! Time to put on Hellstorm missile!


                  Incidentally, most maps have general themes where killstreaks and weapons combine well.


                  Buildings and close quarter combat: Silencers and ground-based killstreaks.

                  Open terrain with good and long sightlines and few or small buildings: Unsilenced weapons and air-to-ground killstreaks.


                  I really would like score streaks to have been class-based --just like I really, REALLY, REALLY hope the first Call of Duty on the next generation of consoles have the pick 10 system.


                  NOT having the pick 10 system in the next cods is like NOT having perks:

                  It would be tragic and a completely missed opportunity, taking one step backwards.


                  Not having one set of killstreaks per class was a small step backwards, too.

                  Having 5 sets of killstreaks to choose from would also be an option;

                  5 custom killstreak classes.

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                    Re: Score-Streaks for Each Class

                    For me it reduces the need to have more custom classes.  However, you get assist points after changing classes so if you had changed class then I guess your stuff like Guardians would disappear upon changing a class.

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                        Re: Score-Streaks for Each Class

                        When I was contemplating the notion of having seperate scorestreaks per class, that was my only hang-up, "What to do about placeable scorestreaks?"


                        You could do that, or... You could make it so you stop getting points for them.. Or, just continue getting points from your scorestreak that you've placed.


                        I like the last idea the most & I don't see what the problem would be with that.


                        And, as another poster said above, some scorestreaks just work better on certain maps, it would be a huge benefit to the player if they could just change class & be running a different set of scorestreaks than what they were on the previous map. (Especially considering that, there's about 45 seconds between games)

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                            Re: Score-Streaks for Each Class

                            Yeah you could stop getting assists.  I was a bit disappointed in the lack of class specific scorestreaks.  I'm not really going to use mid-range streaks when using a shotgun.  And in tight games maybe lower end ones are better, particularly in the last few minutes of a match.

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                          Re: Score-Streaks for Each Class

                          There's no reason they could not have set it up so that you don't get assist points. From what I have seen so far, if you die after activating a ksr, points from that ksr do not go toward your net ksr anyway.


                          This was a step backwards. I fully understood why TA did not let us customize ksr's to each class in BO. But to not do it here, I just don't get that.


                          Like COD_Widow said, as well, there is no reason that one dev can't use things the other dev comes up with. Oh, I know Activision is the root of that problem: they want the two devs competing against each other in the name of innovation, but I don't think it works out that way. To begin with, there are things that the two devs share and do so blatantly, particularly in the area of perks.


                          And, frankly, I don't see the innovation in the Pick 10 system that everyone else sees. If you discount the ksr's for a moment, where is the innovation? With the Specialist class from MW3, you had a Pick 10 system in play already. Only, it was better because you did not have to sacrifice any other perks, weapons, tacticals, lethals - nothing in order to run, say 4 Tier 1 Perks. In BO2, the most you can have is 2 Tier 1 perks. How is that innovative?

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