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    Lost Steel Barriers ?


      Hi, it took me quite a while to unlock the 'steel' barriers in Tranzit, I think I had to get about 2500 points just from barriers to unlock it, which isn't all that easy to do. In future games both custom, solo, and co-op, I kept the steel barriers (as did my partner when playing splitscreen). Today though I started a game & found that I no longer have them !!?? I'm pretty pissed off, considering Treyarch give no indication about this & for some people it unlocks after repairing the same window just 50 times. What's the deal ? Maybe if you drop below a certain rank you lose it ? Having been messing around tryna do the easter eggs and what-not I may have dropped one tally mark, but this would be a stupid reason. Any ideas ?


      Edit : Not too difficult to get the upgraded barriers as it turns out, just repair the same window approximately 50 times on at least round 10. Never bothered to update this post until now...


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