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      Quit stealing from your team. You know who you are. Can't change a care package cuz some dirtbag thief wants to steal my package and I get stuck with a UAV. Keep you hands off my junk. Go kill somebody or get killed...whatever. The thought never enters my mind to steal from my own team.


      Its bad enough this game has the worst lag ever so its fight lag, fight the enemy and fight my own team. Thanks.

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          Yeah, if there were more HC modes and I could actually play them, I'd team kill. Usually I don't get too, too upset since I would like to at least trust that teammates who take my CPs will use them to win try to win the match, but sometimes, it's pure, selfish nonsense. There's a fix for that, though. Since you can't kill your own teammates on Core, you can at least make sure they get waxed by the other team by continuously giving their position awayor following them around doing dumb stuff (which I do anyway since I'm mediocre, at best).

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              Getting teammates killed by helping the other team; that's called boosting, and it's a bannable offense. Just Sayin'....and yes I hate when people steal. It could easily be solved if they(developers) cared to fix the issue.

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              I think being able to Steal with Black Hats is a great addition to Blackops2,

              Ive witnessed some of the funniest reactions from people that have had

              this done to them. As ive said before thou.. BlackHats do not collect them

              any quicker.. The owner just needs to be quicker!

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                It sucks, and it is something I think only the lowest form of player in this game does. Should never happen. I will die defending a teammate's care package before I steal it from them.


                People are just selfish, that is a fact of life.


                The CP is a risky streak to call in any situation. May end up not worth it. It is selfish in that others have to watch out for you while you call it in.  It may as well be a big red beacon saying... HEY! TEAM OVER HERE! But it can be useful, for sure.


                My advice is simple, and I wish I didn't have to give it, but we don't live in an honest world. If you don't know your teammates or if you can trust them, don't run the Care Package. It is part of being situationally aware. You need people to get your back when you run that streak... and the sad point is strangers aren't usually likely to do so.

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                  Care packages aren't really all that good anyways, you get more EXP from letting people pick them up than you do from using them and calling in the kill streak yourself with the exception of **** like stealth choppers and stuff you get once in a blue moon. I run care packages solely for my team mates and run Guardian and Sentry gun when I play objective modes and it works well. Lots of EXP Lots of assists you help your team by handing them free stuff you get constand UAV's and counters if you get enough Care packages out and the odd chance you get something good you get a tonne of EXP for sharing the package more than you would get if the kill streak ran its course.


                  If you are relying on a good drop in a care package to save your K/D ratio you need to rething your strategy.

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                    Only time I "Steal" a Carepackage is when My idiot teammate decides to throw it near the enemy and gets destroyed. So, it's better to have it used with your team then against your team. Alot, of times I don't even pick it up, becakse I know getting a Carepackage for people who can't get high Scorestreaks, is like getting the Nuke in MW2. I've been there and done that. I can't tell you how many Carepackages I've had stolen, and people constantly complain about it to treyarch. They should make an option to give it to your team, or only have you pick it up. Just isn't right, you earn a Scorestreak, and a person whos been camping the whole game and hasn't earn his, gets to steal it......

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                      This is why I stopped using care packages. If I didn't get killed, I couldn't re-roll because a 'team mate' would run over and try and take it, then people wised up to black hat and I'd run over to get it and it would dissapear. I'm running Sentry - Chopper - Warthog atm and doing well with it.

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                        A simple fix would be to let that carepackage only collectible by the owner for the first 10 seconds. (Of course enemies will still be able to take it though)

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                          I'm probably in the minority but I don't really mind that much if a teammate grabs my CP. I'd rather have it myself but if I am killed before I can collect it and a team mate grabs it then great. Rather a team mate have it than the enemy.

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                            I love to use this taking out the oppositions care packages, most times when it do work it will send the care package out of the map or on a roof, which can then be black hatted,

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                              Really simple solution...play HC, and the shoot any pr**k who tries to steal your CP. After all, they deserve it.

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                                I had a CP nicked a couple of days ago, thru it out and waited in a corner then this little sh*t on my team sat in front of me and got to it first, would love to name him but never mind

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                                  someone stole a care package from me once with a swarm

                                  boy was i mad

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                                      Last night I got shot by a team mate and I saw while waiting

                                      to respawn how he took my CP. Once the game was finished

                                      he left and I have no proove because my theater is not


                                      Reported him but I don't think he will be banned....


                                      Solution: if you get killed by a team member, the killershould get

                                      a 120 second punish where he (or she:)) can't pick up anything

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                                      scruffs on this game stealing care packages because there too rubbish to get care packs themselves

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                                        I hate it when you get something decent in a care pack, and when your just about to get it somebody walks past and changes it to a shitty COUNTER UAV! -_- SOO ANNOYING!.

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                                          There is something pathetic and desperate about teammates running over and trying to steal each others care packages. But it is the internet and therefore you are subjected to the morals and ethics of the unwashed masses. Do not expect people to show any dignity.