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    Points need to be adjusted to game mode...

      So Vahn said they are raising UAV points...


      ... that's good.


      Now be prepared for RC spam and Flak Jacket everywhere.





      That said.



      Make streaks relative to the mode by using TDM as a baseline. Reward objective play but its silly how fast you get streaks in KC versus TDM. You have to earn a UAV in TDM... In KC? 1 kill, 2 tags and bam... UAV.


      As it is now.. UAV is 300 pts.


      Make it 500 in KC.

      Make it 600 in Dom. (Everyone can get 200 for being on the objective).


      Back in the day... getting an airstrike in COD4 SnD was actually impressive. Round carryover makes it weak now.


      Tailor streaks to the mode.

      Don't carry over between rounds.


      Demphasize them while making them matter.


      My 2 cents.