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    any favourite maps yet??

      Hi all i'm really struggling to find a map that i'm excited about.

      i played mw3 and all the other cods before that and if there are any mw3 players on here, how awesome was Dome, fast frantic and fun with solid spawns.

      any way i kinda like Raid, but none of them make me say, "awesome its this map!"  why is that?

      is it just me? there will be some hardcore fan who will blindly say "ALL OF THEM ARE GOD LIKE" but if peeps could let me know there thoughts on the maps in general i'm just curious to see if there are some really popular maps or everyone is fairly non plussed with the maps like me.

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          Re: any favourite maps yet??

          The most I look forward to is "Standoff". It's just a Great map for Demolition, Domination, CTF, and SnD. All the other maps(excluding Nuketown), I dread and don't really look forward to playing them.

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              Re: any favourite maps yet??

              the one on the yacht gets a lot of hate and i'm onboard with that as it does suck.

              i'm just shocked that these maps haven't grabbed me to be honest, MW3 had its many faults but overall its got more appeal (for me) then BO2!  BO1 had a great campaign, great multiplayer, great maps overall but this feels like its gone a step closer to seeing the demise of this franchise.


              the single player was pretty damn poor as well and that was something you could always rely on being a fun action blast but this one just annoyed me, the villain had clearly read the script and had out thought everyone in the entire world twice over whilst playing God, Budha and Zeus at Chess and poker and beat them.  Even when i took him down i felt robbed by his powercut get out of jail BS, if our maximum security facilities are that weak i am now scared for my safety lol

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                Re: any favourite maps yet??

                "Standoff" is the best map in the game. You can play it fast or slow,  because of the routing. I miss the pacing of Black Ops. They seemed to be so foucused on speed now. All maps feel like either the speed of Havana or Launch. What happened to the versatility?


                I love the small maps, and I've always done well on them, but certain killstreaks and weapons/equipment are clearly designed for strategy. You shouldn't have to leave Team Deathmatch or FFA for that experience.


                There is no point in using some of them if you are bumping into a guy every 3 seconds...And it's not necessarily the size of the maps, because Grid was small and managed to implement strategic thinking.


                Love the shine of fast play, but it looses luster when every map has the same pace. "Standoff" is a great example of making a map for everybody, which most maps should be.....For everybody.

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                Re: any favourite maps yet??

                What Cod game do you think has the best maps? I'm in a heaf about either choosing WaWs maps, or MW2 maps. I love the Jungles of WaW and how big the maps were., but I love the Tall Grass maps, where you can effectivly use your ghillie suit from MW2.

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                  Re: any favourite maps yet??

                  1: Standoff

                  2: Aftermath

                  3: Cargo

                  4: Raid

                  5: Slums




                  My 5 favorite maps in order.

                  Incidentally, those are the only maps I can say that I like, too.




                  6: Hijacked: Imbalanced as hell, but very fun for stomping players without experience. Frustrating against players who knows which side of their SMG is the business end.

                  7: Express: An SMG map where snipers can shoot 2 people before they get flanked by the SMG users. Medium and long range. HAH. Every position can EASILY be flanked by SMG users through the trains and tracks and wherever.

                  8: Drone (all the combat goes on inside between those two rooms,wasting the rest of the map.)

                  9: Carrier: The closest thing we get to an open map in the entire game. But still so far away.

                  10: Meltdown: Why are so many of all the maps only one area and then a reflection of that area?

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                      Re: any favourite maps yet??

                      nice answer though i hate on slums as its a classic case bad pacing i spend my time spawning, throwing a grenade at bravo within seconds, storming bravo. getting killed by the guy i killed with my grenade as he spawns and throws a grenade at bravo.


                      and that is so many of the maps now, they are to close, i can grenade bravo from within seconds spawning that it just becomes a kill fest and score streaks just never get a look in.


                      in mw3 i could get kill streaks and have them coming for me in most matches which was fun, in this i rarely see kill streaks and if i do its endless as there is a blatant cheat spamming them on a whim.


                      i had one match where a guy was calling in lightning strikes right from the off in DOM!  his whole team had enough points but not one player, in total he called in 7 plus dozens of others and nowhere near enough caps & kills its a joke

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                          Re: any favourite maps yet??

                          Slums is my most hated map, When ever I go on it, I sit in the back with a Sniper rifle, and just pick people off, due to, if I go out there I know I'm going to be R-Launched, and G-Spammed. I never Camp unless it's a terrible map, and still if it's a terrible map I don't camp. Slums all around is just terrible, to many camping spots, the Main area is filled with Shotguns, and all around is filled with SMGs.

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                        Re: any favourite maps yet??

                        1 Standoff.

                        2 Overflow

                        3 Carrier

                        I'm exclusively an AR guy, and these 3 seem to work best for Me.


                        From the past Blops1 Jungle is my all time fav.

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                          Re: any favourite maps yet??

                          DRONE is the worst map in the history of the CoD franchise. It's a headache to play. I rarely find people. And they are usually camping in the middle up the ladder if I do find someone. Horrible horrible map.


                          I do like Stand Off, Carrier, Sometimes Hijacked can be fun if I get lucky. Slums is the same, I just have to get lucky and it's good. When I say Lucky, I mean you just have to hope you get in a right position over someone. Everything is so random. Luck plays a huge part in this CoD.

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                            Re: any favourite maps yet??

                            i quite like Drone...it's growing on me. I try to stay away from the middle rooms and skirt round the outside of the map. The enjoyment of sneaking up on a sniping camper thats hidden in the high bushes makes it interesting for me. If it wasnt for those predictable little campers I probably wouldnt feel the same way about it.


                            Standoff is an absolute blast on any game mode - definatley the best of a bad bunch


                            Hijacked- hate hate hate...is it just me or does it seem to be on every other map rotation. That said it can be fun on hardpoint but thats about it.


                            Carrier- could of been sooo much better. feel they missed the mark on that one.


                            NukeTown was fun....while it lasted. Thanks for putting it in a silly moshpit mode! what a rip off!

                            "open 24/7 - we never close" what a joke!

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                              Re: any favourite maps yet??

                              like : standoff - raid - slums

                              hate : carrier - drone - hijacked - ( the one with b dome in the open and the fountain don't know the name )

                              don't care for : everything else

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                                Re: any favourite maps yet??

                                I like Standoff, Overflow and Hijacked.


                                My reasoning for hijacked is I can run round with a shotgun, or play defensively as with a Betty and scavenger either of the upstairs rooms are defensible. If you play with a team and try to not flip the spawns it's a good map.

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                                  Re: any favourite maps yet??

                                  I'm warming up to Hijacked...Probably the smallest map I have cared for since Rust.


                                  Then Standoff, Slums (More on Objective modes.) Drone, Meltdown, and Yemen can be iffy, but honestly my fav currently out of those would be Standoff for some reason.

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                                    Re: any favourite maps yet??

                                    Stand off, Raid, Slums. no particular order. It depends on the type of game.

                                    I  really like slums for  demolition.

                                    Cargo is  lots of fun on domination.

                                    Hijacked is a love/hate affair.

                                    Especially for a AR user.

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