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    UAV score increase? No thanks.

      So earlier Vonderhaar tweeted this little gem.



      UAV score requirement is going up in next update, but don't tell anyone I told you. RT @DannyRuggs: @DavidVonderhaar what about UAV spam? "


      What do I think?


      This increase is idiotic.


      Why you ask, is it idiotic? Well because let's examine shall we. What was one of the greatest aspects of CoD 4? Oh yeah. The UAV, it kept action fast, fluent, and UAV spam was what truly made that game so smooth and enjoyable TO THIS DAY. (Not to mention a balanced stealth perk system).


      The UAV being a 4 killstreak now (sorry 3.5 still basically equates to 4) is balanced enough for me. The ghost perk could use some slight buffs (I've been using it on certain classes with extreme conditioning lately and the fact that my character stopping to catch his breath after a 500 kilometer sprint pings me on every radar worldwide is a bit ridiculous, though I still feel ghost is useful and that the system is perfect right now). But the arrogance of the community truly bothers me, people seem to believe that if the UAV is nerfed into oblivion that ghost will cease to be used. Ghost is a very powerful perk which will never cease to be used unless obtaining the UAV requires you get 38 kills with your secondary without reloading while doing a backwards handstand and playing using only your eyelashes and drinking a big gulp upside down.


      If the increase is marginal, then this will be fine. However I'm assuming it's going to be put on par with the C-UAV. Seriously, the C-UAV being useless wont be remedied by putting the UAV on the same tier either. When a killstreak which increases gameplay fluency slightly is put roughly on the same par as a killstreak which rains missiles from the sky I don't just see a balance flaw, I see ignorance.


      The community of this game that has been around since only black ops or MW2 seems to put ZERO thought into gameplay functionality, and how vital the UAV is to a fast paced experience. I IMPLORE YOU TREYARCH, keep the system the same. Playing the first truly smooth and fast paced matches since CoD 4 and 5 (and despite its flaws, mw2) is a truly refreshing experience warranting of a collective handshake from the entire veteran cod community at large.


      Simply put, this "nerf" is idiotic. We have to suffer through two slow paced camper infested messes of games due to a useless UAV and when we finally get a functionally capable UAV after 2 damn years we're greeted with a nerf to potentially a 6 kill streak. REALLY TREYARCH?


      EDIT: Addressing some criticism here. Some people think I hate campers, in MW3 and black ops I did because they had a ridiculous advantage. There was no counter to camping in those games.


      In MW2, MW1, and WaW, as well as currently black ops 2 (though the uav nerf may change that), I have ZERO problem with people who choose to guard an objective (However if you camp in free for all, you're just a jerk who likes slowing the normally fast paced fun of FFA down to a bitter crawl, and in TDM there just isn't a point).


      My issue is treyarch deciding to take the currently balanced system, and destroying it. Most of the people here really never had the CoD 4 experience, they joined during black ops, or mw3, and have no idea just how vital the UAV is to balancing camping. That was the whole point of it, is campers no longer had a ridiculous advantage anymore.

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