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      It’s hailed as the best game in the series to date; it has gotten great reviews from every respectable gaming publication around, if this is the case then why am I so disappointed in BO2? I know I’m not the only one who feels this way especially when it comes to multiplayer. The campaign is fairly good but some of the challenges they have you do is ridiculous and when you’re playing BO2 on veteran ridiculous is something you don’t need a whole lot of. The sand table levels are next to impossible and the AI run around like a bunch of handicap Army Reservist that are constantly out matched by the opposition force and need to be babysat to make sure they engage the enemy instead of just standing there getting shot. After a somewhat predictable campaign I was left feeling “thank god that’s over” and slightly disappointed.


      Multiplayer pretty much feels like someone strapped C4 to its head, exploded, and now left trying to find any recognition of what use to be a good game. They stripped everything away that made the COD games great. They made it fair and even and put in place methods to stop camping. The scorestreaks are hard to understand and even harder to plan for because everything you do in the game has a different score, 100 points for a kill 75 points for taking down a UAV, now unless you’re super good at math its kinda impossible to create a battle plan for success.  I understand the makers of BO2 wanted to change things up to keep the franchise from getting stale but because of this a lot of people were alienated.


      Maybe it’s not the game, maybe it’s the type of people who make up the COD community?  The type of people of who complained about camping, I’m sorry (no I’m not) but camping wasn’t the issue in COD. Yeah campers do suck especially spawn campers but you know what that’s part of the game deal with it, you had the freedom to play COD in any which way you choose camp, run and gun, snipe, it didn’t matter.  In the past COD games if there was a clan that spawned trapped and I couldn’t fight passed it I’d leave the game but now in BO2 I’m going to get penalized for it? What kind of bullshit is that?  Now your choices on how you play are restricted because Treyarch and Activision listened to the wrong people, you can no longer take this game and make it yours. So in short I want to thank all the crying little girls who forced Treyarch and Activision to ruin a good thing.