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    My suggestion on how to fix Ghost/Sniping

      I'm not a sniper, so I'm not really in their camp, but I think how Ghost was implemented makes no sense.  What I believe the developers were really trying to do was nerf campers, not snipers and I think, for the most part, the larger community can agree on that.  They threw out the baby with the bath water on this one.


      A Ghost Perk that only works when you are moving makes absolutley no sense.  Here are my thoughts:


      1. Add a piece of Tactical equipment that creates an anit-UAV field (The Scrambler) that must be deployed next to the sniper
      2. The equipment only protects you when you are kneeling or prone
      3. The equipment only works when you have a sniper rifle (not that realistic, but this is a narrow fix to exclude campers)
      4. This would preclude the sniper from using any other piece of tactical equipment like Tactical Insert



      This would give snipers back their veil of secrecy and limit them to a space around the equipment and prevent it from being used by campers. 


      1. If you switch weapons, you're visible
      2. If you stand up, you're visible
      3. If you move outside of the "cone of invisibility", you're visible



      Not sure whether or not the equipment should show up for Engineers.  Part of me says, yes, in that most things in the games can be countered by something else.  Part of me says, no, that this would simply defeat the purpose of having it in the 1st place.


      I think a piece of Tactical Equipment is superior to a Perk for this effect because having it be a Perk would then allow you to over fortify your position with Shock or Tactical Insert.  In my opinion, if you are fortifying, then you're not hiding, and it should be done in tandem with another player.


      I'm also torn on whether or not Ghost, in its current form, should just be removed - but I would lean towards keeping it.  I honestly haven't used it yet, even though I alternate between run-and-gun and protecting an area, to modified sniping with an AR (snipe an move, usually to take out snipers, not the same as sniping in my book).


      Anyone have any thoughts on how this could be improved or implemented in a balanced way.  The idea here is not to bring back the old Ghost and not to encourage campers, only to give snipers something back.