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    "OP'd Guns" If it's like older games...

      Then i'm pretty positive that the PDW-57 would get a nerf.


      It's a 50 round gun, mixed with close to no recoil at all, I put a few attatchments on it and went to a custom game to shoot at a wall from a distance and see how the spread is...The Grip surprisingly had the most spread out of the laser sight(Aimed in) Suppressor, and Extended mags.


      I'm just sayin, he needs to be done. The P90 IMO had it right...Had good amounts of recoil and you couldn't get 5+ killers per clip unless everyone you were shooting at was already hurt, or you were very up close to the player.


      Not a rage thread, it's just an observation, I also know this true because most players in Call of Duty land tend to use the most powerful gun, and so far i've seen more PDW-57's than other guns.


      Also, Thanks Treyarch for fixing my leaderboards, I like how I have a 1.3m score but in my overall scoreboard I have 275k and 800 games played now mixed with my 2days...Makes sense! THANK YOU.





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          Its the worst SMG. Its a hitmarker machine, I hardly ever see it.

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              Maybe for you, my friend.


              I haven't used it that much either, but after being insta killed by it, seeing a few friends only use it...Multiple randoms use it...It was clear.


              People didn't use the UMP45 in MW2 because it was hard to use, or it took awesome skill...They used it because it was powerful and easy, same with the ACR in MW2...Then the Famas in Blops1/AK74u and then again in MW3 the ACR and MP7 not because they were so underpowered they wanted them buffed, they were Over powered.


              Just go into peoples combat records and check here and there and see what you find.

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                  Except the PDW isn't powerful, it has the worst damage rating of all of the SMGs, and an average fire rate (for an smg). The clip size and range is the only thing that makes it passable. People are using it now because its a level 4 unlock and not many prestige tokens have been used on weapons yet. Every SMG after it is better imo, and just as easy to use, except maybe the Chicom which is slightly harder to use but still pretty simple. Give it a few weeks, this gun will vanish in core.

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                      As much as I would agree with stats, I can't.


                      I'll go quickly off topic and say back in Gears of War3 the Devs listed stats of a Shotguns damage when it was active (More powerful) and basically saying you'd kill in one shot, that though was not the case)


                      I would say a good size of the CoD community watches YouTube videos, yes? Whiteboy has 1 million subs, I think...WGT has about 400k maybe more, Tmartn who does tips has a good amount, there are tons of players who watch videos and get told what weapons they should use and i'm sure the PDW would be mentioned by someone in those videos.


                      The MP7 and PWD have killed me in 3 shoots before in long range, call it what have you, but if it's a bad weapon according to it's stats, i'm sorry but no.


                      Stats are stats yes, but when it comes down to it, it really doesn't matter. Also didn't Vahn say that they would nerf the guns based on if it out performs others? Or something along the lines of that...You mentioned also to give it time and it would disappear, truth is I rarely saw this gun used in the first week now it's everywhere. But we'll see I suppose.



                      Chicom is easy, the burst makes it probably the best as that's been the one I used the most.

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                          Gears of War: Active reload messed up the stats completely, nothing the devs said was really believable, people just wanted the game to work honestly.


                          I dont watch YT vids at all so wouldn't know what they are saying.


                          3 shots by the PDW on core at max range resulting in death, possible? Sure, I guess. Likely? No. Really good accuracy is required, and its prolly closer to 4-5 hits. I'm not seeing this gun a lot. I see the vector and mp7 more, but I think in time the Scorpion and the MSMC will take over the SMG crowd, as is. Nerfs/buffs will happen I'm sure, and that will change it up.

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                    OMG... you got killed in 3 shots? In Core? With an SMG? No way!! Even though gun tutorials for MW3 stated that some of the SMGs could kill in 3 shots, you're still surprised that an SMG in Black Ops 2 can do the same thing? Sounds to me like Activision is trying to set standards for their franchise. Standards like turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to the hardcore community. Just saying.

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                      As said earlier, you need a 0.5 second bead of bullets on an enemy at it's max range. Thats one of the longest kill times at range out of all weapons!


                      It's optimum range kill time isn't special either.


                      If you look at kill times of all the weapons, most are pretty samey in each class, with minor variances in ranges and recoil.


                      A weapon that outpreforms all others is overpowered. Type 95 pre patch was unstoppable for example. Akimbo Models on MW2.

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                        kustom shoota

                        Im sorry that the original poster probably just got finished getting blasted by some random player in a match who just so happened to be using the PDW and decided that it was now OP.  This game has the best overall gun balance of CODs (INCLUDING THE SACROSANCT COD4) , they just need some more maps better suited for longer range weapons.

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                            I guess you are to much of an idiot not to read the full post and jump to conclusions. "This is not a rage thread, just an observation." Of course i'd get mad if I die in 3 bullets from that gun at long range, who wouldn't?


                            I'm just pointing out that the most used gun is usually the most "OP'd" gun, Other titles have proven me correct, and if Treyarch's new way of nerfing/buffing weapons is going to work, this gun WILL get looked at.


                            I also went into more lobbies today and checked on peoples most used gun, 75% so far honestly have been using the PWD more than any other SMG currently to date. One guy had 1,700+ kills with it and like 100 with the next closest, so...


                            @Scorr, type 95 was still pretty beast after the patch, then again MW3 was just terrible.


                            I'm not saying the gun is heavily OP, i'm just saying 50 rounds, virtually no recoil, CAN (Mostly because lag) kill in 3 bullets, that's a no no.

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                            The PDW is pretty beastly. I play only HC and it tears things up. I, too, have seen a lot of folks using the PDW as of late. Not sure it necessarily needs a "nerf" so to say, but it's clip size and fire rate make up for the lack of range these SMGs have. Most people I have seen on HC are using it to run around the map at full speed, and they can be very hard to beat no matter what the situation might be.


                            I've used it as well, and it does spit bullets like crazy, but only effective on the smallest of the maps for me. Long range engagements I will lose 9/10 times with it, but on maps like HiJacked it dominates.

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                              I actualy don't like the PDW gun. Scorpion Evo shoots fast, is effective and accurate. But yeah it's clip is bit low, still I like it better. Kills faster! Same for MP7.

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                                The times i have used the PDW, i thought it sucked. But i have a few friends that swear by it. personally i thought the MP7 was the superior smg in this game, but now matter how you cut the mustard and talk damage or ROF. It is sensless, It seems everything is op'd imo. Q/S, remmington shotgun, SMG's etc. They shoot faster than your tv can process the hits.

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                                  Gun balance is manageable I would leave it be.

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                                    Film_Not_Rated wrote:


                                    As King told me, it's because it's the first unlock.


                                    Now the PDW is unlocked right after that, but it's used more because of it's clip, hardly any recoil, can kill fast (Despite what stats say.) who wouldn't want to pass that up? Except for those that believe every stat.


                                    Point is, the most used gun is used for a reason, not because it's terrible.


                                    And I've seen less MP7's since lauch btw.


                                    I guess it just varies.


                                    Weapon progression? Camo progression? Think about it, what guns are going to be the furthest along when you hit first prestige, the ones you used first. Maybe the reason the PDW is being used so much is because people want to Gold it before they move on. It could have nothing to do with performance.


                                    As to what Drew said, all of my experiences have been in core so far, simply because the offerings in HC are pathetic. When and if they add a HC mode I want to play, I will pretty much be starting the game completely over. New guns, new classes, everything will change for me. As well as my opinion on guns. The PDW could very well be the best SMG in HC. I cant say at this time.

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                                        That would be a small majority.


                                        If you expect everyone to go in order to get Gold, you'd be sadly mistaken but I know you don't think that because you're smart.


                                        I can see if that is the case for Camo, but again...Players use guns that help them do good, if one gun is more powerful than the other then I would think they would use that, correct?


                                        Not every player is all shotguns only or snipers, they watch videos on gaming and decide that gun is for them.

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                                        I just unlocked gold camo for the PDW, and I was happy to move on.  Sure, it has it's moments, but it felt weak compared to the others I've worked on (MP7, Chicom, Skorpion).  Personally, I think the Chicom is probably the best SMG as the burst damage stops quickly.  Only Vector and MSMC between me and diamonds!


                                        For me, the weapons all seem fairly balanced without feeling too cookie-cutter.  So far, I wouldn't recommend any tweaks to any of the guns that I've used.

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                                          In my opinion, I feel all SMG's are decent in BO2.


                                          I don't get that feeling where one SMG dominates the rest compared to BO where to say the pre-patch AK-74u dominated the rest of the other SMGs.