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      Just wondering why there are SO many people starting new clans before ever joining clans? There are thousands of clans that are Lvl 1 with only one member in it. It's crazy. Clans that are requiring things that they themselves don't even have. I've seen a clan that required a 2.1 K/D but the leader is barely over a 1.0 K/D. Idk. It just bothers me.

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          Everybody thinks that they want to be a clan leader and they look at the established clans and say to themselves that they can make one even better.  They may very well be correct but what often gets missed is just how much work it took for those established clans to get to where they are today.  As I was telling someone just last night, creating a clan is easy.  However, growing a clan takes a lot of work.  Not only do you have to start gaining levels with zero help in order to begin attracting members, you have to be actively looking for them and you have to establish the right clan environement to encourage continued growth and participation without becoming too overbearing.  Those lvl 1 clans looking for people with kds twice their own are reaching for the stars.  Today, I have several people in my clan with higher kds than mine (several lower too) but it didn't start out that way.  You have to first prove yourself out there.  In fact, I waited until my clan was about level 3 or 4 before I even started sending out invites.  I used the time prior to that finding good avenues for recruitment that I could use once I felt that the clan was in a position to have something worthwhile to offer those quality players out there that were looking.  Today my MW3 clan is lvl 44 with 99 members.

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              That's exactly what I tell people. Most people don't realize how hard it is to create a well established clan. I'm constantly learning that. I'm pretty sure you still are as well because once you get solid people to join, the work becomes keeping them interested and making ways to make sure that they want to stay and help the clan grow. I'm the leader of a small clan but I know and understand that people aren't going to just flock to my clan. It gets frustrating for a person like me who is a leader of a small clan that's still heavily in the recruitment process to find new members because everyone and their momma wants to start a new clan. That's why I've come up with some basic requirements just to seperate myself from the crowd but as to not just let ANYONE in.


              I've been apart of many different clans. Different sizes, different requirements, different structures and so I know what kind of effort it takes to run and recruit as well as what works and what doesn't work. I've realized that I'm not fit to follow. My personality just won't allow it. I'm ok with distributing work loads and such but not following orders. I'm one to create my own rules. But it took me being apart of many different clans (in both COD and Halo) to realize this.