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      Quick question....Why on earth would someone do nothing but suicide themselves all game?


      A buddy of mine told me of a player in his game where he went 0/121 and thought it was some sort of glitch or hack. SO....I found this gentlemans elite page and he is doing it quite often. There are multiple scores of 0/Triple digit deaths. The games he is actually playing he does quite well on. 2-3 K/D games AND that team wins.


      I am only assuming he is keeping his K/D low due to the matchmaking system so he can beat up on everyone?

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          Re: Suicide!!

          That's right. If you want to go pubstomping, you need to keep your KD low. You need to keep your KD below 1 so you will get matched with the majority of the players. I suspect that it also reduces the lag since the sub 1 KD players are a dime a dozen and chances are, you will be playing with a lot of players with low ping from your area.

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