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    goodbye call of duty treyarch ruined you for me!

      so this is it the end of call of duty for me unless mw4 or what ever else they decide to make next blows me away i wont be playing cod for a very long time. cod has always been a good game for me sure it has its camper here and there but ive always found away to flank them or just shove and rpg in their camping spot.  ive never lacked in skill my k/d is decent but blops 2 just frustrates me so much its not even fun to play.


      maybe its all the headglitching,maybe its the campers with the shock charges followed by bouncy betty.maybe its all the corner camping, maybe its the fact that this game is just pure connection. i really love cod i mean my friends even call me a call of duty f****t cause its pretty much the only game i tend to play all year around. i tried to give it a chance but this is it, im heading today to gamestop to trade this very bad game by the way i would suggest you do the same they are giving you 40 bucks for the game thats as best as is going to get.


      i had to buy halo4 to get my first person shooter fill i hate halo in fact i suck at halo but, you know what? it doesnt frustrate me at all. the game works when i shoot someone they die. treyarch created a game dedicated for campers by camper either that or the game just turned everyone into a camper. by the way nonone of my preorder codes ever worked except for nuketown, i try to play zombies and game laggs when im not even online then i get no points for killing zombies or fixing stuff up???????  


      sorry but thats it for call of duty for me off to gamestop so at least i can get 40 of my 60 dollars back