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    Is Call of duty fun for you anymore?

      Sorry to what looks like another "doom & gloom" thread but I just wanted to air my view.


      I remember when Call of Duty was fun to play, it was a laugh, you didnt get annoyed by it, you played it with music, maybe smoked something illegal at the same time.


      But now, for me anyway, that game dosent feel "fun" to play anymore, I dont know if its due to lag, matchmaking, servers.. or is it because of the league play and the sense of competition that has been instilled within the game?


      Dont get me wrong I will still play this, and I dont want this tread to turn into a moan fest, but whats everyone elses views? Do you still feel that 2fun" factor you get from a game?

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          Get some better weed, will soon become fun again...

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            gave up, where is the fun in being lagged behind your opponent made to feel like a useless dummy....far cry 3 is awseome though, didnt place all my eggs in the one basket thankfully.

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              I'm trying to have fun - in other COD's I'd have some great games and some bad games - but in Black Ops 2 it feels like I am trying very hard just to go positive - My games usually always end up either just slightly positive and just slightly negative - which is kinda dull after a while.

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                No I don't, except when playing with my friends, we have this sessions where I'm totally lmao.

                Playing solo online, makes me furious, sad,swearing and a danger for people around me(snap another controller broken)

                But I still have the same enjoyment from "good'ol days" on campaign and zombies/spec ops.

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                  You know what would make it more fun .. If people would start crying about people leaving due to matches .. Or maybe about people camping .. Or maybe about guns being overpowered .. You guys cried from MW2 all the way through to this game .. The Devs where dum enough to listen to you .. Now the multiplayer is virtually unplayable for the majority of people .. Activision didn't kill the COD series - YOU DID !! If people are looking to blame someone, it's time for them to start looking in a mirror ..

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                    I agree.


                    Even when i do good, say I get a 27-4, It still feels like there's something totally wrong with the match.


                    I still feel frustrated.


                    In other COD's whenever I did well I felt this sense of accomplishment. Happiness even.


                    Not so in BOps2.

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                      Agree the game is annoying and boring, it was fun the first week but after the patch it became unplayable for me.


                      after I'm done with the trophies it will become a dust collector next to BO1 and MW3

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                        This game is NOT funny, it's just a boring pack of bugs and tryhards -.-

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                          Nope its not fun. Its terrible! I had to find my old PC games and found the old CoD games. So much more fun than this. (CoDs before 2008 )

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                              This game is dumpster food, I always get paired up with people from Japan and other god forsaken hell holes. Their games seem to load them comming around corners first. If I come around the corner I die in one hit but on his screen I was getting shot at the whole time for about a second. This game is definately one of the worst I played. Zipper lost their jobs maybe it's time for Trey to pack it up and go home.

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                              I can't say I sprint home to hop on the PS3, if anything I look around for something to do, call up my friends (text), and make sure I've exhausted all other possibilities before playing Black Ops II

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                                I gave up on this game over the weekend.  I have 25 days (yes... days) on BO, 29 on mw3, and I havent even played this for 24 hours... and I already am having no fun.  The game has promise, the maps are good, the pick 10 is awesome, it lacks some HC options... but my God, the lag is atrocious.  I am lucky if I can kill in 1 out of 10 games.  I give up until the next patch... hopefully they fix some of the glaring issues.  Otherwise, back to mw3 and Skyrim.

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                                    It's not for me anymore, the number of times I've been close to getting the lone star and killed due to lag has been too many to mention, I've even gone slightly campy to try to get it but people walk around corners and shoot me before I even see them, and if it's one thing that p*sses me off is dying close to a high kill streak.


                                    There is less skill and more luck, I've found with some "good" games that some of the enemy are ahead and some are about the same so it's pot  luck which one you'll run into. My only chance of success these days is to constantly flank, and on some maps that's a huge borefest.


                                    I think I'll not play until I see a patch is released. I've got a router which I can configure but no amount of tinkering had made a difference.

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                                    The game is a conduit to the people you play with. It does add some frustration (sometimes a lot) but the bottom line:


                                    If you enjoy the comradery, you will have fun. It is very hard to enjoy the game (or any game) when you are playing with or against trashtalking morons who have nothing good to say about anything.


                                    Where the hell did that come from??

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                                      Im feeling like a boss getting a hunter killer these days


                                      tried going for a care package but it seems to be stolen pretty easy these days


                                      Also extendend mag with quick reload seems to be the way to go for me


                                      i had it easier killing a juggernouth on core in MW3

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                                        No fun when I'm fighting the lag or whatever other name you want to call it. The game has been out for 16 days now and it has been one problem after another.


                                        Treyarch has put a product on the market that doesn't perform as advertised. (atleast for PS3). Vandahaar gives us a snide response like it's no big deal and we should expect problems right out of the gate. I expected some bugs but nothing like this. They can brag about and track how much money they made in the first 24 hours but 16 days in can't fix the lag issues.


                                        PS3 users are the Red-Headed Step Children to XBOX. Sony should share part of the blame for allowing Treyarch and these other developers to keep putting an inferior product on their platform.

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                                            yeah this game will make you go crazy. Its the most frustrating game ive played thus far. Its just something about it that is unsettling for me even when I do good. Theres to many times were I kill someone and keep my gun down the sites for the next guy and im aimed up on him without a doubt and I get gunned down without getting a shot off... that ish rarely happened in mw3... Now it happens everytime.. Its like the game only wants you to kill one person at a time....

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                                            Same as everyone here I think.... I own all the cod games and love them... that is of course until this one.


                                            I have so many issues with this game that they seriously outweigh any positives. COD has always been my relaxing time now just pure frustration, a couple of smashed controllers later and a half fried ps3 I think it might be time to just let COD go and look for a different avenue of entertainment.


                                            Time to vent the anger now.


                                            About 33% of the time I get error code 80010514, this happens when trying to load BO2. I have been on to ps support and of course the answer is Ching Ching, show them the money. I had none of these issues before BO2. Anyone wanna bet it was caused by the game constantly freezing and the ps3 needing a reboot? Do Treyarch or Activision care either? Nope.


                                            It seems to take me most of a clip to kill another player yet takes them 3-4 bullets, I've never watched so many kill cams to see what is happening and just don't get it, looks like lag but not quite lag.... you could say its just my bad aim but after playing so much of this previously I am aware of my abilities, I am not a sore loser but frustration has seriously set in.


                                            Also you know that "search preference" screen that is like a "where's wally" episode. I went in there and chose the "best" connection type. I can only refer to this menu as like a "turbo" button on a Citroen 2cv. It looks good, you hope it works but no, it's just a flashy button that does nothing that you can feel at all! Pointless as far as I can see.


                                            Here's a new one happening today. Go into TD lobby, screen goes black, wait 30 seconds, then game goes to main online menu and logged out of psn??? Don't know where to start with that one....


                                            I think this game could be better than all its forefathers if it just got its **** together. I like the maps, the weapons, the load out choice and the scorestreaks. Also, got to say that I have not seen that much of the high end kill streaks at all yet such as dogs, swarm and a couple of the others.


                                            I just want to love this game like the rest of the series, they have all had their faults but BO2 feels like it is the "special" person in the room. Not the good kind of special.

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                                              Despite the issues with MW3, I had fun with it and (because of BLOPS 2) will probably go back to it. There was a learning curve with MW3 for me but I got used to it and generally do well in most matches. With BLOPS 2, I have to struggle every game which gets old and frustrating. I'll have matches where I go 25-10/30-11 and then lobby/host gets swtiched and I'm going 11-15/10-15. I'm not horrbile nor am I great but there should be some consistency between matches. With MW3 it wasn't this way or, at least, as bad as it is in BLOPS 2.


                                              I'm hoping that most of these issues will get fixed so I can get my moneys worth out of this game but I'm seriously doubting that at this point. I feel that Activision/3arc made their money so now they'll take their sweet old time in "fixing" the issues with this game. What REALLY sucks is I bought the season pass so I'm stuck with this game for another year Even got the care package edition.


                                              This game seems to constantly be against you. You camp, you die (eventually). You rush, camper will get you. You kill one guy, two more coming around the corner. You die, you spawn directly in front of someone who just happens to be ADSing. Makes no sense. If the above happened every once in awhile, OK, thats fine. But it seems like I have to be in constant beast/tryhard mode just to get a 4/5/6 killstreak. The game just isn't fun for me anymore.

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                                                The only thing to make me stop enjoying any CoD was the hackers/glitchers.


                                                One day, all them years ago, I go for a game of CoD4, start a Ground War and someone is above the map, another is flying around like a bat out of hell and the rest can't be killed. The same eventually happened to WaW. I went aaaages without playing until it was fixed. 99% of games were BS!!


                                                Then on MW2, every FFA involved me using my "Booster Hunting" class. If that wasn't bad enough, a few months after it's launch, I joined a game that had already started, someone had an AC130 with the primary cannon on full auto without the 3/4 second reload. Everyone had infinite ammo with no reload. Then after a few normal games I get into a game with a load of mulit-coloured text on my screen. When I backed out I had everything unlocked, the spinning skull emblem and everything. That sh*t sucked.


                                                All this seemed to stop from BO onwards. I know there was boosters, but the report feature worked well and playing a FFA never warranted hunting for them.


                                                Basically, what I'm saying is, I only EVER stop enjoying a game due to the silly b*tches who feel the need to mess about with it. Hopefully this is a thing of the past.

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                                                  This game may have saved my marriage!


                                                  I used to spend hours in the basement online with my friends playing MW3 while my wife fumed upstairs.


                                                  Now I give up in frustration after half a dozen games and plop down on the couch next to the wife watching The Voice.  Quality time, can't beat it.


                                                  Go Amanda!

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                                                    I think this is the best COD yet. Best Mp and it has Zombies too.


                                                    I call it crack ops.

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                                                        My kill death in all other DUTYS is around 1.6-1.7 However, due to lag (people popping out of nowhere) and skipping enemies running across my screen, I die way to much. 1.3 K/D in this new crap shoot of a game. I am done playing it until the bastards who made this game come out with a solution. Which I doubt they will. SO I will continune to bash this game on their forum, facebook, and amazon..... until I am satisfied. THanks for ripping off over half a million users on PS3 NETWROK YOU *******!!!!

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                                                        im with you, (apart from the smoking something illegal) lol

                                                        i have been slowly going off them since the end of MW2/early Black Ops time.

                                                        Dont get me wrong, i can still play them to pass the time, but i have been playing each one less and less.

                                                        I think i might save myself £45 next November. Seems to me its the same thing over and over again

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                                                          Some of you guys have been playing CoD for too long and don't realise it's not BO2 that's boring, it's the fact that you've been playing same genre games for too long. I've been a hardcore NHL player for 3 whole years (editions 2010 to 2012) and eventhough I still like the game, I didn't bought it because I knew I would get bored uber quickly, and not because NHL 13 blows...


                                                          In fact, this CoD is really good and it's getting better. The patch, IMO, was very good, especially the increase in delay in Lightning strike and the menu showing XP earned after matches.


                                                          Finally, yesterday I had my best BO2 gaming night ever. The servers I joined were stable, I didn't get thrown out of lobbies. Heck, I even got 2 Orbital Vsat in two consecutive care packages in a game!


                                                          Keep up the good work Activision!

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                                                            I would love playing the game if it was a level playing field. The whole competitive idea is something I would really like to get into so the seasons are a brilliant idea in my eyes but how can you play a game and try to win if your arms are tied behind your back?


                                                            This game would be in my opinion hands down the best COD ever but because of all the problems that apparently don't exist it isn't! I want to play a game where if I see someone before they see me and shoot them they die, not turn around and instakill me. I want a game where if I do get the chance to host it I am not at a disadvantage to others!


                                                            If Treyarch fixed the lag and sound issues I would be playing this game 24/7 and would never get bored but the way its going I wont have a TV to play it on! #RAGE

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                                                                I'm right here with ya bud, looked forward to this game for soooooo long.  Now I can't even play it, literally.  At least other CoD's the connection issues were addressed right away.  I mean really should that not be top priority, to have everyone have a fun fair gaming experience.  Unfortunately right now it's neither of those things for 75% of people. 

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                                                                First of all I would like to say that when I first bought Black Ops 2 I was not impressed, coming off from playing MW3. I was a little discouraged with the game because of lag issues and basically just different game play than MW3. Being on the forums you can read a lot of hate people have and maybe that had a little to do with me not liking the game at first. However times have changed and I have been playing Black Ops 2 Every night and I must confess, in my opinion this COD has become The best game this franchise has put out thus far! its unbelievably good. the camos are goood the guns look better its playable now and has been for me for the past couple weeks now! im working on getting gold For my seconday pistol. B23r. I never thought I would say this (as i see less hate posting on the forums now) that Treyarch has officially done a better job this time around than all the past COD games.

                                                                Amazing job guys! im playing this game like I did MW3. Im going to prestige and im looking forward to DLC when it comes out!

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                                                                  Initially I depised this game due to all the lag issues and what not. Obsiously those issues are still present however, recently, it's gotten better for me. I don't get booted from the servers anymore now, my PS3 console doesn't lag as bad as it used to and I'm finding more and more stable games to play in. I never played any HC modes in MW3 but with all the lag issues in BO2, I decided to play nothing but HC. As a result, things seem to be a lot better playing HC game modes then core. Whenever I play core, it's still me emptying clips into people and getting hitmarkers while they enemy can 180 me and instakill me with a handgun from medium range. But in HC, that is taken out of the equation since you're supposed to die from 1-2 bullets. This change in game modes has really subdued the rage I had for this game. I'm to the point now where I can't even play core modes anymore without going 5-20 or some crap like that.


                                                                  Anyhoo, it seems that some changes, good ones, are happening so here's hoping that things will get better in the future. For now though, I'm okay with this game despite the persistent latency issues.

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                                                                    I think it depends on if you play solo or with friends. I mostly play solo and this has quickly become the most frustrating CoD for me to date. They made it nearly impossible to enjoy because everyone is trying so hard in all the games you join, and you get put on the losing teams in games that are already lost against entire parties way too much.


                                                                    When I party up with friends it's a lot more fun, because it's not about winning/losing we just shoot the S**t and have fun. Plus map control and strategy can actually be used.