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    Veterans Day gift

      Monday was Veterans Day and of course all schools were closed and state/government employees had the day off also. My server is (the school), which is located about 5 houses away from where I live.


      I woke up and as usual was bored so I decided to play MW3. Man, I cant tell you how good it was to play almost lag-less. The gun did what it should and should`ve been doing to whole time. I was reeling off some good games. I even called my girlfriend that morning and told her that if you want to play some good MW3 then today is the day. Its great. For some reason, it was almost hacker-less as well. I couldnt have asked for a better day to play. All day it was good. Good games, moab`s, hacker-less, and lag-less. I missed 1 moab. I was 23-0 and got killed from behind. Then like the very next game I was 20-0 and got killed, but thats how it was all day. Its wasnt no, I shot first and got killed crap. I wish we all could play like that all the time then the game wouldnt seem so bad.


      Tuesday rolled around and it was business as usual, back to constant lag, lag 1 minute, not the next, lag when you`re the host and when you`re not the host. I still pull off some good games but not like Monday. Other peoples guns are more powerful than they were Monday. I cant escape death like Monday. I get shot around the corner when I shouldnt have. Today is Wednesday and its back to lag fest. I shot a guy a few minutes ago and he wasnt even shooting and I knew I killed him. I hit the guy 3 times--- thump,thump,thump and he started shooting and killed me. I knew right then, thats a lag kill for him. Thats why I wrote in 1 of my post, the people shooting the gun dont kill me, its the lag that kills me. I think I wrote that in ( MW3 in a nutshell ) -post.


      Anyway, I just wanted to share how good it was to play like that finally. Wish we all could play like that. It makes playing fun. I play almost all day Monday. Well, off and on. Loved it.

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          Re: Veterans Day gift

          This post is going to verify several things in several post what I`ve been saying since some people think I lie.I want to add something to this post about how lag is and how it affects some people.


          Just finished a game. I went 25-4. The problem I have with this is those 4 deaths were lag deaths. Reason being, the same guy killed me all 4 times and was using the pp90m1. Was he a good player? Nope. His score at the end of the game was 13-20.


          So, with that said, as I posted before, its not the good players that kill me, its the players that arent good, but why, its because of the lag, therefore lag kills me. people killing me easy with the pp90m1. So this verifies what I`ve been saying all along.

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              Re: Veterans Day gift

              I moved my furniture around this past weekend and changed some wires around and got some serious hit detection. I thought I might have stumbled upon something. I played last night and every game (TDM) I dominated. I had a 30-0 and 28-0 game back to back. Some of the other games were better numbers than that.


              People went back to work today and kids went back to school (wherre my server is)and once again life goes back to normal for MW3. People pull the trigger and I hit the ground, knowing they cant shoot and kill me that quick.Blast shield pro doesnt work when lagging, I noticed that also. Bullets disappear. My kill/death ratio the last few days went up but today on 2 different profiles it went down.


              Just goes to show you how lag can make or break you. Its plenty of hackers out there but Im starting to think that lag is a bigger issue. It was great while it lasted.

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                  Re: Veterans Day gift

                  Well, I figured I would try playing again this afternoon and same results. Lag city. Im getting over-powered. Shot in places that on my tv should have been escaped death routes. Instead I get killed and Im sure on his tv Im in legit shooting areas.


                  When I wasnt lagging on Veterans Day and this past wekeend my coinvidence was very high meaning, being I trusted my guns and myself to get the kill. Today, its like,omg...omg...I hope I can kill this guy and I couldnt.....

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                      Re: Veterans Day gift

                      Seems like my lag has been bad for awhile now. It use not to be as bad as it is now.Yesterday I told my girlfriend to call the internet provider and do something about all this lag. She did and they found some small issues with it and changed some stuff. Seems like it got better but later that day it was back to lag city again.


                      I know you guys know what and how bad lag is but lately Im starting to really see how bad it is. I noticed when Im lagging good, the enemy gets more headshots on me. I have done the same thing before to them when they are lagging. So thats something I`ve noticed thats connected with lag-(headshots). Im going to tell you a story about that in a minute. Anyway, I texted my girlfriend later and said, FIX IT OR CUT IT OFF, talking about the internet. She called back and they are going to send me a more up to date/advanced rouiter.I doubt if that does any good. After she called I played mw3 again. This is my story:


                      I told my girlfriend, when I lag, I get killed more with headshots and I get killed quick. They pull the trigger and Im down. I dont even have time to pull my trigger. Anyway, afetr she called I play some games. The first game after about 5 kills, I said, wow, I got some hit detection for some odd reason. Havent had any all day. She said yep, I see.What happened? I got a moab that game. 28-0. The very next game, I still had hit detection but I got put in on a game that was half over. 11-0. I told her, you see what happens when you have hit detection? I went 28-0 and 11-0 back to back. The 3rd game I started playing and she said, you lost your hit detection. I said yep. Even though I didnt get killed, you could tell it took more bullets to kill and you would almost die trying to kill the enemy. Very noticable. Anyway, when I got killed what do you think happened? HEADSHOT!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont know why but lag equals more headshot deaths.


                      I know you will always lag in multiplayer games but mine has gotten worse for some reason. I dont mind splitting 50/50 on lag days but I have more lag days than not hardly any lag days. The game is easy and fun to play on the no lag days but when you`re lagging, rage comes out, its not fun, its harder to play even though you`re good and still get beat.Just isnt right. Anyway, maybe someone will read this and learn alittle something about what lag can do.

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