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    Need a Mature UK Clan with a Sense of Humour..

      Looking for a uk xbox360 clan to join, preferably made up of older players (32 myself) who dont take the game to serious but still want to win too.  must have a sense of humour and allow swearing.. ok so i dont swear as such hehe but i usually let the odd one slip when getting my arse handed to me


      but on a serious note im fed up of people who ***** and can't just get on with it.. yes the game has problems but we are men and we can deal with it..  girls on the other hand...


      I can play most nights and weekends and have mic and good connection.


      I mainly play tdm but am willing to try anything although search and destroy I suck at through lack of playing.


      I'd like to think I can hold but that's not to say I can't get my ass handed to me in a few rounds haha


      I might even allow you to take piss out my Brummie accent.




      g4r3thuk << gamertag