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    Does anyone else agree with some of these problems listed?

      OK, normally I'm not the one to complain about call of duty because I usually think the games are fine but Black Ops 2 is having some major problems that not only I have been facing but many others are facing.


      1-Pistols are over powered. Some people have been telling me that pistols have been beating there SMG, Assault Rifles, and LMG's.

      2-The KSG is a 'sniper'. Some people havesaid even with no attachments on that gun it feels like the Models in MW2.

      3-The MMS should be able to see through walls regardless. As we all know with the Ghost Perk you have to stay moving the same way you avoid the MMS. People love to camp but they don't sit in corners for hours on end they run around their camp zone multiple times checking each door. (Obviously not everyone camps the same but we all hate them regardless)

      4-MORE DEDICATED SERVERS. Major complaint people have been having and I must agree.

      5-Bring back Team Tactical games. (People miss it and 3rd Person Team Tactical as well)

      6-I can't be the only one who also enjoyed playing Team Defender it was an amazing balanced game type on Modern Warfare 3 it should be brought back.



      Feel free to add your complaints too and if you have more glitches or problems you would like to voice please add I'd like to hear them and hopefully Treyarch would love to fix them and maybe you can give warnings to those of us who don't know about something on Call of Duty that could affect our ganeplay and fun.