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        Don't run around corners? Don't move around the map because of bad gameplay mechanics? Lol good solution. I thought the best people at the game were the one's with a good head on them and good reflexes, apparently it's whoever doesn't go around corners.


        edit: oh and the trite line "it's not lag comp stupid, learn what it is" isn't going to get us anywhere either. Maybe it's not lag comp, but it's something, and it made the game unplayable. So quit being snobby douches.

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          Gimpers there are some bell enders on here....the ones that dont have problems are the gimps on twobit connection who play perfect due to lag comp helping them out and wiping there arses and murdering us fast connection persons... Hence giving them time to post sarky pictures.  In the end there is major problems mw3 wasnt perfect but more fun than this at the mo

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            Most of you have a misconception of what lag compensation is, but removing it will seriously make this game unplayable.


            What you guys experience is lag, or lag from other players making it seem like you are lagging. Stuff like this always happens at launch. Now take into account the number of people trying to play online.


            I've never seen one good launch from any COD title. Especially the PS3 version.

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              So funny! Every time a new COD game releases, people act like it's the first one to have a problem with lag.


              COD is infamous for lag/latency. I've never seen one that wasn't horrible for it!


              It has nothing to do with 'lag compensation' or whatever you people think it is. MW was the first to try a method of compensating for latency, so it's been in every game since at least then.


              The horrible latency in ALL COD games is because of the way they have hosting.


              As rich as Activision is from these games you would think they could afford dedicated servers for them by now. Of course even dedicated servers is not a guarantee for no latency.

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                  35. Re: PLEASE REMOVE LAG COMPENSATION!

                  The game would be really unplayable with no lag compensation unless you had lan parties. 1.70 k/d? Looks like your getting some kills to me. Unplayable? You would have a under 1.0 kd if it was.

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                    36. Re: PLEASE REMOVE LAG COMPENSATION!

                    ghamorra, please stop being such a fan boy, and contribute with comments that are made with an open mind. 2 years is enough time for them to make this game and fix all issues, because they never bother to make a new engine, and what not.. so all they have to worry about is making new maps, weapons, perks, killstreaks.. and just the overall aesthetics of the game's physical appearance.


                    now i don't care whether this is buffer bloat or lag comp. a lot of the machinima directors and other big time youtubers have coined it as lag comp. whatever it is, I want them to take this crap out, and make It like MW2, WAW and MW1, where when you saw a guy, you had enough time to react, and when you shot him, the bullets FUCKIN WORKED! you got HITMARKERS, and it felt damn GOOD!


                    now as 1971wilko mentioned, if they took out lag compensation, you would have to slightly shoot in front of the guy to kill him, not right on him. well i say LET IT BE that way. hell that's how COD has pretty much been for a LONG time. that's why a lot of us find aiming and getting kills harder in this game, because we've become so used to shooting close to the target at times and getting kills, that now we expect to get hitmarkers when we aim half a millimetre off his chest. it almost feels like there's a very small invisible circle somewhere on the guy's body, and if we want to get the kill, we have to shoot inside that small circle only, anywhere else on the body doesn't register hit markers. meh. i give up.

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                      37. Re: PLEASE REMOVE LAG COMPENSATION!

                      no, it's an indicator of how often you've been dying.. you can monitor how "****" you've become.. when really, you are quite a beast of a player.

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                        38. Re: PLEASE REMOVE LAG COMPENSATION!

                        i totally feel ya man. except i had that problem from day 1 lol

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                          39. Re: PLEASE REMOVE LAG COMPENSATION!

                          you're a douchebag for coming on to troll.. i'm one beast of a player, if I have a decent team and connection, I can take on anyone.

                          what do you want me to do? FLY AROUND THE CORNERS? or slowly walk so I can give the guy more time to react to my presence, and easily get a slow moving target? or WAIT! i GOT IT.. how about i TELEPORT AROUND THE CORNER, and NOT GET FRUSTRATED to please your FACE!

                          either that, or you want me to stay back and head glitch.

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