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    BO2 = MW3 PART2

      You developers are killing a billion dollar industry. It's obvious that the same people that made MW3 made BO2. Both games have same issues which should be impossible to exist. Please create new maps for Call of Duty4, or at least new maps for the original BlackOps. I will be returning MW3 and BO2 Moday morning for the following simple reasons:


      - First, ever since MW3 came out its obvious how Bandwidth has been unbalanced. A player will experience instant death from half a bullet, but in the replay see 4 bullets. Or try shooting someone point blank range with enough ammo to kill 3 players and FAIL, then get hit and killed by half a bullet.  Then there's the other flip side of the coin where a player will experience too easy of a win, and have an unfair advantage. This is further proven by a game of team deathmatch where everybody on the same team have the same k/d record or results, of 3-17 or 17-3 for that game.  It seems as though players with a bad connection get better results.


      - Game and entire system keeps freezing, forcing system to crash and reload in repair mode. This game is now responsible, for damage being cause to PS3 systems everywhere. A class action lawsuit should be created for all users who have a PS3 breakdown on them during this time period. I know of at least 10 users experiencing this problem, so don't tell me its only my system or Sony Entertainments problem. Its your own incompetent negligence!  This problem was also common during the initial release of BO which was repaired and solved. I dont know why you wouldn't include this fix and many others in a new game? or an old one(Mw3).  JUST MAKE NEW MAPS FOR WORKING GAMES PLEASE!!!! (Others and I will pay more for them if we know they work)


      - Im playing League Play and work hard to get to Platinum division Rank 4. Then get demoted to Gold Division Rank1. Why? This happened after I quit a game where I couldn't even spawn, move or shoot due to LAG(unbalanced bandwidth)


      -I want the Spas12, RPD, AK74u and real rockets available in 2025 because  those guns are better than the futuristic ones that sometimes require  more that 6 bullets to kill. ?? You had them in original BO except for  the RPD which this time is only available in zombies, why not include  them??  How are futuristic guns useless? Any LMG shouldn't require  more than 3 bullets to kill!


      You have done some things right, by introducing League Play and the new zombie gameplay options which are fresh new ideas. But they're pointless if the game does not function. Speaking of points, why change to point streaks instead of killstreaks, what the hells wrong with you? Billions ride on this, If it aint broke, DONT CHANGE IT!

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          Re: BO2 = MW3 PART2

          Please create new maps for Call of Duty4, or at least new maps for the original BlackOps.


          Are you for real? They are long abandoned and move on to next new game. They, developers, wont be making new maps for old games and they will simply concentrate on current games which is MW3 and BO2. 


          COD4 is ruined by hackers and practically unplayable anyway.

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            Re: BO2 = MW3 PART2

            "Unbalanced Bandwidth"


            Man, sometimes I feel like shooting myself.

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              Re: BO2 = MW3 PART2

              Had yet another day being murdered by players a few milliseconds ahead of me because of me having a good connection thanks you for lag compensation and killing the game well done.

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