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    Sleeping Zombies Strategy *VIDEO

      Now with VIDEO! - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xqF_PBEk-s

      When playing tranzit, if you (+all other players) crouch and move around, the 4 starting zombies will not wake up. Meaning if you knife the zombies that come through the windows you can exit the depot and not have to worry about being chased or attacked. Obviously you could just keep one alive, but it sometimes turns into alot of hassle, OR the zombie accidently dies.


      Here's a couple of things you should know;


      THE MOST IMPORTANT BEING: Someone must stay at the depot and look at the sleeping zombies. You can't do this on SOLO but if you put a splitcreen controller in, it works great. (If on SOLO, once the bus leaves the depot, the zombies de-spawn and 4 others will spawn chasing the bus)


      1) you can't use the turbine to open the door as this wakes up the zombies. You CAN build the turbine and use it anywhere else, other than the depot.

      2) (because of the above) you must pay 750 to exit out the main entrance.

      3) You can't stand up until the bus has left the depot. I thought you could, but later i came back to the depot on the bus, stood up for 2 seconds a good 50meters away, and they woke up.

      4)You CAN turn the power on

      5) If you can manage to accumulate 1750 from the starting room (which is easily accomplished) then you can exit the main entrance (750) and open the bank in the town (1000) for any other money you might need. also remember you only need 1 sleeping zombie, so if playing 2-player splitscreen, you can knife the other 3 zombies for extra points. AND/OR if your playing with 3 people, and one gets 750 and one gets 1000, then it's much easier.

      6) if a zombie from the starting windows, bumps into a sleeping zombie, it will wake that one zombie up.


      This strategy is perfect for people who need to run around getting parts, building the obelisk at the pylon, building the jetgun, exploring, getting perks, turning on the power, setting yourself up, doing the easter egg, etc. (and can be done all in round 1)


      The only thing i can think of that MIGHT mess this up, is if the 'Electric Man' appears at the depot and wakes up the zombie(s).... But that's never happened to me.




      UPDATE: You can do this while standing but it's good practice to crouch.


      Thanks for reading, Clarky2142