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    Sprint broken

      Has anyone else noticed that if the screen judders mid-round or if the round is one of thoese where everyone feels about half a second ahead at random moments you can't sprint for at least a couple of spawns even with extreme conditioning on?.

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          glitch i would say games very buggy, hopefully 1.04 fixes most of all issues.

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            It happens to me 2. I also just bought a small HDTV and put the ethernet cable into my PS3 instead of using my wireless router. I used to play on a 32 inch tv and used a wireless connection. Now my lag is gone 95% of the time. But the game did freeze on me after an online match right before heading back into the lobby. My PS3 is only 8 months old.


            I shouldnt have to downgrade my tv size. Nor should I be limited to just a wired internet connection.

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                Yeah I always make sure to have it wired into the router and even unplug everything else so the only thing thats on the net is the PS3 although when I first started BOPs2 it wouldn't let my MW3 account connect to the servers but it would let my new PSN account connect and play.

                Every other round there seems to be some new glitch from the strange to the getting bumped up in the air as if I was doing a mini jump all the way through to the annoying unasked for reloading mid-gunfight even though i've got over 20 bullets left.

                It's a pain but the multi-player when it works is good enough to stick with but thats been COD for me since MW2,