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    Please advice :(

      Can this be reported and was this the so called lag switch? ive died so freacking much due to this.

      so can this be reported, if so...to whom and will they do anything about it?




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          Just by looking at it it is hard to tell. It could just be regular lag.

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              hmmm...drives me nuts cus is not my connection...i am sure of it..seems odd just as hes about to die thats all...thanks

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                  when we have this, everybody is expiriamce the same. (Clearly, the Guy how killed you, die not had this Problem)


                  But because gamers are trying to crock down their internetspeed, I guess, People using "Special Modems" , as they are doing it since HALO! And i guess that "lag compensation" makes this Modem Feature "usefull" again!



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                Not a lag switcher. Thats the game. Its awful since the patch. Happens to me every game. I get that "pull the plug" animation several times throughout the match aswell. I have small lock ups mid game and there is always a delay showing me the killcam. Which i find weird. Its that cause the matchmaking is so bad and my connection to the host on the otherside of the world is terrible?


                Whatever they done in that patch, or adjusted their end has really messed up the game. There is clearly no rush to bring out the next patch or even undo whatever network settings they changed. Have they even admitted there is severe lag in this game yet? Or are they still claiming its flawless and its our connections? They clearly dont listen or read these forums, Forum has been flooded with lag topics since the patch.


                Same old story with this mickey mouse company. Last cod i buy, Shame all the users that have experienced the same problems with BO1, MW3 and now BO2 dont also do the same.

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                  To be honest, your best bet is to report it if you think it's suspect. The team at Treyarch and Infinity Ward will be able to makethe judgement call.


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                    If he was using a lagg switch he would of run around the crate

                    and shot you.. that was just you, or some one else in your

                    lobby with a bad connection