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    My Little Pony emblems?  Post yours here.

      I made seven emblems in Black Ops 2, and only one in Black Ops 1.  What are yours?  Give them some likes within the game.


      *I play on Xbox 360*

       photo FillyLuna10_zps99543cae.jpg photo RuggedSaviorPrincessluna_zps935ba977.jpg photo e5_zpsb8c58e22.png photo luna20_zpsa650aeed.png photo NightmareMoonFangs40_zpsdecef8c1.jpg photo RuggedSaviorNightmareMoon_zps4a134b87.jpg photo RuggedSaviorBabyNightmareMoon_zpsc2113cad.jpg photo BDc9w6xCYAEFTEj_zps7556f905.jpg


       photo CyA1_zpsf7d999c7.png

      EDIT--As of 4/5/13, I decided to make things easier.  Instead of viewing the images on the forum, you can view the pony images I found on Photo Bucket:

      http://s1208.photobucket.com/user/Zachary_Myers/library/Call%20of%20Duty%20Pony% 20Emblems?page=1


      I will keep the replies made by others, but my posts replies are deleted.



      (Newest as of 3/20/13)


      Here's my OLD black ops emblem.