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      So last year I get home from the midnight launch and have a few games of FFA I look at the top players thinking everyone will be about even ? Well you would think so given the game is only hours old but nope there was people with 5+ days played which is a complete joke why bother having the Leaderboards ? I really hope Treyark reset all the Leaderboards the night before so everyone is given a fair chance .

         If people pay over the odds to get the game early then fair enough (or a illegal copy)but the game play shouldn't be counted till the actual day of release.

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          Been asked for for the last 3 years. Didn't happen then, probably won't happen now.

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            Another reason Leaderboards shouldn't be taken too seriously.


            Seems to me that they should just do a reset at midnight on 11/13 for all the leaderboards and let it ride from there.

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                nicedrewishfela wrote:


                Another reason Leaderboards shouldn't be taken too seriously.


                I always have a good chuckle when people start bragging about their k/d ratio

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                    I am the same way. Mine is not great, but I don't really care. I play, I have fun, I try new things.


                    My theory on it is this.. if you have a 2.0 or a 3.0 K/D... you probably aren't challenging yourself enough. I mean, seriously... if its that easy for ya... what is the point?


                    Leaderboards mean nothing to me. All that matters is that I am having fun.

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                        Agreed...Leaderboards mean NOTHING.

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                          Ever pull off a 2 or 3 k/d? If you ever get there, tell me how easy and "unchallenging" that was.

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                              Pulled it off in several games. My point is.. if the game is that "easy" for you, you aren't challenging yourself enough. Not saying there aren't people good enough to pull it off without taking shortcuts, but I've seen too many people brag about it while using the same weapon, never prestiging, playing one game mode, ignoring objectives, or sitting in a corner not helping their team out to be impressed by a number anymore.

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                                  Assuming the leaderboards are sorted on Score Per Minute (SPM) just like Black Ops 1, then people playing a number of dayus earlier wont have any edge in this department (other then more practive time of course.)



                                  Personally I think they should keep the SPM framework but make a couple of adjustments:


                                  1) Have the default sort on SPM but allow players to then reset the leaderboards on any of the colums they wish.


                                  2) For the all-time leaderboards, slowly increase the miniumum amount of games required to appear on them. The current requirement for BO1 is 50 games which is fine in the first few weeks/months of the game but by now, with so many dormant accounts and players having a "hot" batch of 50 games understandably never playing that gamemode again, make them stale at the top end. If it was say increased by 10 games every month automatically, it would mean you'd need at least 270 games played right now to appear on the all time leaderboards.

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                                      I agree.


                                      SPM really is a true statement on what you actually do in your games, and can also help figure out the playstyle of your teammates.


                                      I also would like them to up the games for the LB's as you said in your second statement because it was so annoying to see people play a few matches, left that account and be top of the boards.


                                      Anyways, I like SPM, glad it's back.

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                                          Yeah, I do a lot of statistical research and mining in my day job and find myself automtically applying my knowledge/skills to CoD too.



                                          SPM is the best single "catch-all" stat Ive seen so far to measure a players ability. It certainly still has plenty of gaps (as any statistical measurement will do) but Id estimate its 70-75% accurate at reflecting players ability.

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                                              I'll take that 70-75% over fake KDs by people who dash or even dash to keep their wins.



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                                                  Yeah, due to various things (some false like you mentioned and others innocent like playing in full partys) the kd stat is dangerously unreliable.



                                                  Of course, it doesnt have no meaning/value whatsoever, as it will capture at least some of a players true ability but Id estimate it only has about 30-35% accuracy.


                                                  In theory, the kd stat should be similar to the SPM relevance if used with stable parameters but in practice, these parameters are obliterated!

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                                                      Yeah, but that's why you have monthly and weekly leaderboards.  They keep resetting.  I know its great to see where you land all time, but it keeps you coming back when you can fight for your place atop the leaderboards every week.

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                                                          May be just me though, but I prefer the All time LB's.


                                                          But Weekly can also have the same thing happen to them with few games played and get a top spot.



                                                          Not a huge matter at all, just a pain sometimes if people want to be known for something.

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                                                I agree with both nicedrewishfela and iivrruummii. Both got a "like" by me by the way. Ultimately Leaderboards mean NOTHING at all. Let's be real. As we get older we come to realize that it's just a videogame bro.


                                                But i will say that Leaderboards does have a purpose and plays a major role for "competitive" multiplayer such as Call of Duty, Halo, Gears of War, or even Madden, etc. By being placed in the Top 100 or the first leaderboard page, your gamertag will forever be viewed by every player in the world who owns that game and checks. It's about Ultimate Bragging Rights! You either got to the top because you put in way to many hours into a videogame or that you have developed a real skill like Quickscoping which can only be mastered by having good hand and eye cordination.


                                                But in the end it's just a game and it's really all about having a good time. A great experience!

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                                        Agree with the SPM leaderboard, * another thing that MW3 failed to add correctly*

                                        (look at me im at the top of the leader board im so awesome!!!!) Yes because you have been playing 15 hours a day for the past 6months?!?!?

                                        Stupid is all i have to say about *that* leaderboard.


                                        Keep the playercard combact record as it was aswell, that thing was PERFECT no other words needed


                                        Also i hope they can keep the SPM *as close as they can* to other game modes.Just for the enjoyment of playing my preferd game mode and leveling up *closely* as fast as the other game modes.


                                        And loving the fact that objective players are getting more score points for their efforts!!!! i think this will take away more of that Non Objective K/D laddering to get easy killstreaks (which i admit i do) and why not, if i can level up and get my killstreaks quicker why not??!?!? and every objective teams need their slayers to clear the way for the objective runners... This should just balance it out more


                                        One thinng i think they should do is take more of the lethality out of the killstreaks as this also promotes K/D hugging and should keep it more old school. WHAT a FPS IS. exactly that (shooting with your own weapon)


                                        Anyways cant wait!!! but not getting my hopes up to high, i did that with MW3 and paid for it.


                                        But i think things are gunna be allright with BO2!!!!!     (fingers crossed)

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                                          I have no faith in any of the leaderboards.  I just play to have a good time.  That seems what you have to settle for.  You start looking in the top 1000 and they mostly cheated or glitched it.

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                                            Okay guys. So i've read everyone's post to this hot topic about The Leaderboards for BO2 and i've even noticed that every post submitted here was prior to Launch Day in November. So the question still remains, Should SPM be the driving force behind BO2's Leaderboards? In my opinion, NO!


                                            BO2's Learderboards system should be what we all found in playing with MW3. The last installment of the COD series. But why? Because it's a winning formula that every player can understand and identify with. Everyone's score started at zero. You earned your Score based on Kill Points, Assist Points, and Objective Points. To be ranked #1 in the world within your Game Mode you had to have the highest score possible. When you looked at the lobby leaderboard you could find what rank/position every player in the lobby was. But most importantly their "stats" where found on the same page. I loved that part because it showed who was simply going for kills versus who was actually playing for the objective/THE WIN. 


                                            SPM isn't exactly bad. Infact it's really good for determining who's playing an active and winning role for the team in order to win the game. But SPM should be it's own thing. Not what everyone see's when they asked "What rank/position am i now for this Game Mode in the world?"


                                            In fact now that the game is out you'll notice what other's like myself are catching on too. Yes The Leaderboards where not reset upon Lauch Day so those who got their copy a week earlier are not only high in Presitge and ability unlocks such as Ghost/Tac Insert but are also at the top of the Leaderboards for whatever Game Mode they love to play. Treyarch should reset all Public Match stats on December 1st as Ladder Match ranking kicks in for real upon that date.


                                            In addition to that you'll also notice just who is at The Top 100. Even up to The Top 1,000 positions of the world. It's players who jumped onto a game mode just once for just that... 1 game and did exceptionally well in that 1 game. Those players now have a really good SPM position but not because they were all that good. It's because they played against weaker or less experienced players upon Lauch Day. Obviously we were all noobs to BO2. Compare your stats now to theirs and it becomes a WTF moment. You can play as much as you want and have a good time playing but you'll have such a difficult time surpassing those players who simply got off lucky. But hey i didn't say you'll never pass them rather i'm saying it'll proboly take alot of your time and skill to do it.


                                            Hell you can be Prestige level 5 now while those players where just a staff sargent when they played. And their SPM position is forever up there until they come back onto that game mode and play again in which it will automatically drop. That too is annoying about the SPM system. How can your SPM be 1,000 one day but drop overtime to say 325 a week or so later. Yet your stats are much more higher then others within the same SPM range or even higher up the chain. Annoying? Yes Sir!


                                            Of course my efforts with this post is to grab Treyarch's attention and add some light onto what's being disscussed on Multiplayer about SPM. I really hope that a regular scoring system is what establishes the Leaderboad's Chart and that it kicks in before or by January 2013. Crossing my fingures.

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                                              As far as I can tell, the leaderboards froze within the first day.  Every time I check the leaderboards in the lobby (demolition), it shows my progress as of level 42 although I've prestiged since then.  Anyone else seeing this?

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                                                  To slap1i Yeah bro i've actually noticed that myself and we're totally not alone on that. Other's are seeing it too. It's either that The Leaderboards have frozed or that it's updating rather slowly. But Treyarch hasn't announced anything about it yet. Demolition goes with the point i'm making cause it's my Game Mode. I can have 1,000 kills, 100 plants, & 50 defuses and be 5th Prestige. But yet a player on my friends list who just played once has an SPM at 925 while i'm now 325 and i play well not all the time but everyday. That's just unfair and ridiculous.


                                                  Off Leaderboard topic. Demoliton for BO2 isn't meeting my expectations like MW3. Spawn trapping is super easy to do now. Especially if your a party of 6 with mics and have Presitged already to have both Ghost ability and Tactical Insertion versus a random team of 6 with no mics and just started the game. Hijack/Boat map is like the ultimate spawn trapping map. What i dislike about BO2 for this game mode is how the spawns are set rather then randomized.