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    Don't be that guy -


      Ever seen the picture of "the other team" and it's like 6 asians with headsets sitting next to each other, and then "my team" is 5 monkeys...  yeah.  I'd like to point out that it's never okay to be "that guy" on your team.  I know people don't care but alas here are some of the finer "that guy" moves I've been subjected to:


      1- I have engineer.  I got kills to call in a care package.  I can change this into whatever I want.  Here I am, calling it in.  Maybe it will be a warship or something.  Maybe I'll change a UAV to a sentry gun!  It lands... I go to press square to change it and oh... there's some dipshit teammate of mine trying to steal it as soon as it lands!  It won't let me double tap square!  Now I have no option and can only accept what he was trying to steal... a UAV.  Thanks dude, for nothing.


      2- Hi teammate that watches me die.  Then kills the bad guy. 


      3- Hi teammate that lets me die, so you can kill the guy who killed me, and take the flag I was carrying and score with it.


      4- No thank you, teammate, who tries to keep me in a corner and uses a loud gun to draw in the enemy so he kills us both.  You proved your point, you don't like my stealth tactics or reloads or whatever.  Yeah.


      5- No thank you, teammate, who double taps square to change my sentry gun to a... UAV.


      6- No thank you teammate, who unequipped blind eye and the like, yet chooses to stand next to me so that we BOTH die when artilery stuff is called in.


      :/  That guy.

      Don't be that guy.

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          Most of these I can pass off as my teammate not seeing the guy, hey, at least he didn't let them grab the flag. But #1 is my biggest pet peeve ever! OMG dude! You can have the package! Just let me change it!!! However, I love trolling people when they get an awesome package... Lol. Ever use the black hat to steal a teammates package while they change it? Hilarious!

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            Trolls in Black Ops II have reached an all-time high. I think this is do to how impossible the game has become. People can't have fun playing the game because of __________ reason so they switch their focus to humoring themselves by trolling

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                I consider myself good at the game, but I can't pass up a good opportunity to troll people, especially whiny kids. At least I don't go so far as to trap people in corners and reveal their positions with gun fire.

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                I'm the guy who gets crushed by his own care package.

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                  Don't be that guy who uses care packages, re-rolling is noob cheese. Why should a guy get a swarm or vtol warship for 5 kills. Care packages are of the things that treyarch/iw have never changed because they have to leave things in the game for crappy players . You should be able to kill all care package score streaks with one missle or half the bullets.

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                    Number 1 is the most annoying thing. People run up to try and take your care package, why ? i'm not going to let you have it and you're stopping me from changing it!

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                      Ever try throwing your package on the roof and grabbing it with black hat? You can't change it, but at least it's hard to steal. (Doesn't work in free for all for some reason.)

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                        Hi team mates that watch me attempt to cap flag B then rage quit mid game because we are being dominated.

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                          Just met a guy who ended a match being beaten by calling out random people as "campers" and talking trash.  Now, normally, I play slow paced, but this time I was honestly running and gunning.  I flanked him a few times so I could see his point.  In the next 4 matches we played he layed on the floor in doorways with a shotgun... most of the match.  Hi, guy, you belong on this list.

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                            #2 all day long, UAV will be up and they'll look directly at the person and not even attempt to fire their weapon until after I've been killed. Extremely frustrating during SnD.

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                              good post! just sayin'

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                                Ha, This post is priceless, yet so true, cause I've had the SAME stuff happening to me.

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                                  #1 just happened to me... cheap *****. they need to fix that. fair enough if i drop it and die, take it then. but steal it from underneath me... pathetic

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                                    1 - Agreed

                                    2 - How do you know he watched you die? He just might not be that quick

                                    3 - Again, how do you know he did that on purpose? If you die whilst carrying the flag, do you expect your team mates to leave it just to keep you happy?

                                    4 - Agreed

                                    5 - Agreed

                                    6 - How about you stay away from people without blind eye?



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                                      7) Thank you so much for crouching behind that barrel 10 feet away and watching me solo cap B, teammate.  I couldn't have done it without you.

                                      8) Doorways are for entering or exiting a room.  They work much better when you aren't standing in them.

                                      9) I appreciate your concern over the sanctity of life.  However, while it may save the enemy's life when you run into me as I'm shooting him, it invariably ends up costing me mine.

                                      10) I'm sprinting around the enemy's flank with Ghost equipped so that they won't know I'm coming.  I really don't need you lumbering along beside me with your LMG.

                                      11) When you notice me firing short bursts into a single target many meters away, you do not need to run directly in front of me and do the same thing.

                                      12) If you decide to actively assist me in capturing an objective, can you please look in a different direction than the one I'm already covering?  Bonus points if you actually shoot the enemy who comes from that angle.

                                      13) I think it's great that you're such a fan of Whiteboy7thst, but do you think you can put down that assault shield & crossbow for a minute while we try to win this game?

                                      14) Thank you very much for finally taking out the enemy sniper on the other side of the map with the eighth shot from your own sniper rifle.  But next time do you think you could maybe fire in the general direction of the guy who knifed me in the back while I was covering the B flag, exactly halfway between that bad sniper and you?

                                      15) Gangsta talk sounds much more convincing after you've gone through puberty.  Thank you very much.

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                                        That teamate that kills you on HC KC to take your tags after a triple kill.

                                        That teamate that blocks your way inside a building, letting the other team flank us around the building killing us both.

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                                          yeah i agree with those teammates trying to steal care packages before you get to change them. Trayarch should let you change it regardless

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                                              Yeh, the crazy thing is that the below is one of the supposed improvements in the 1.04 patch.


                                                "Game now resets the Care Package for a non-owner if the owner re-rolls the package using the Engineer perk."


                                              What the heck does that even mean? If I've had a chance to re-roll the CP I've also probably had a pretty good chance of ultimately retrieving it too. The way treyarch words it maks it sound like the original owner would re-roll the CP and then leave it there for someone else to take.  WTF? That makes no sense at all.


                                              All they really need to do is put a delay on the amount of time that it takes for a D-BAG to re-roll a CP if it's not theirs.

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                                              I think that you should only be able to re-roll your own care package and even if a teammate is trying to steal yours i think you should be able to re-roll it still.

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                                                why are you playing this game if you cant handle it little girl

                                                start playing some of the following





                                                hope this helps

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                                                  I play Hardcore, one of the benefits of which is shooting teammates that try to steal/change my carepackages.

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                                                    The point of team death match is for your team to win who cares as long as your team wins? if you want it to be all about you then do free for all

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                                                        It's more a matter of etequite. It's pretty effing rude for a teammate to steal a carepackage you Earned, and Just called in, while you're standing right there. If you're dead, understandable, so long as the enemy doesn't get it. But some people just do it to be jerks, and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't like someone stealing your carepackages all of the time and using scorestreaks that You earned.

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                                                        the only times i've stolen a care package is if:


                                                        while running into an area, i see the team mate that called it in get killed and i can kill the enemy player that got him. i'll check my map to see where my team mates are and if they are too far away to come get it, i'll take it so the enemy doesn't. does hopeflly the owner has a mic so i can put the word out. all this take a lot of time and put my own life at risk? yeah. but i don't mind. i find no need to steal a package when the owner is right there.


                                                        the second situation was when the owner's package bounced out of the map and he couldn't get it. i told him i could grab it so he said to go ahead.


                                                        other than that, i like to cover the owners while the packaging comes in. i figure they appreciate it.


                                                        for me, fun isn't trolling. i like to actually try and play the game. to me, THAT is fun. when i can get my friends in a lobb and we work together, that's the most fun. sadly, that doesn't happen much any more. meh.


                                                        anyway, "that guy" is annoying. but kids will be kids.