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    Why do you hate Black Ops 2?

           Black Ops 2 overall is a great game in my opinion. Other than a few rather game breaking problems this has potential to be the best Call of Duty yet! It all depends on how treyarch reacts to complaints by the community. This is just my list of problems I've composed over the past few days of playing.

      • LIMITED hardcore game modes. I am an avid hardcord player on Call of Duty. In CoD4 and W@W I played hours of hardcore search and destroy and headquarters. In Modern Warfare 2 I found myself distanced from hardcord especially with how easy it was to use grenade launchers with the perk one man army to obliterate anything that moved. In Black Ops I played hardcore demolition, and in Modern Warfare 3 I played Hardorce domination and kill confirmed. Black Ops 2 only offers CTF, TDM, S&D, and FFA for hardcore players. I'm not asking for all game modes to have a hardcore counterpart (although that would be nice!) Atleast one game mode without a respawn timer would be nice for us hardcore players to see.
      • LAG COMPENSATION is almost as bad as MW3. I don't know what's to blame for this. Maybe your servers weren't made to handle an excess of 500,000 players at once. (I doubt that's the problem) Perhaps my connectivity suffers only when I play call of duty. (many others complain about lag compensation, so it can't be that either.) I know! Maybe it's the fact you pushed in a skill based match making system! That would explain the consistency problems. Pairing players up with people who are of their skill level and not by how good their connectivity to each other is.
      • SKILL BASED MATCHMAKING is not the change call of duty needs. I, like many other players, don't stop playing a call of duty because they are bored of stomping bad players. It's the fact that after 3 months the problems in a game become unbearable along with the maps and weapons becoming repetitive. I don't want to be forced to either use the best classes or get stomped by someone who is using their best class. Not to mention the amount of full parties I run in to. Not to mention if you run solo your team mates all rage quit when they start losing leaving it 1 vs 6. If I wanted to play against good players I would play in LEAGUE PLAY.
      • UAV SPAM is destroying any skill the game requires. The start of every game almost always dictates the outcome in Black Ops 2. The first team to get a UAV will cycle UAVs over and over until the game is over. Sure there are many counters to the UAV, but at what cost? If you can even find the UAV in the air you better hope someone hasn't already found you. The counters to the baby blackbird aren't effective enough to be deemed useful.
      • GHOST NEEDS A BUFF in a game dominated by constant UAVs. In the first Black Ops ghost was a really powerful tool especially when used by those who liked to corner camp. In black ops 2 ghost has been changed so anyone who equips ghost most move forward to remain hidden on the mini map when a UAV is up. I believe any movement should keep you off the UAV while using ghost. Sure, campers can abuse it, but right now you can't even ADS without becoming a target on the mini map.
      • TIP TOE SOLDIERS is the theme of future warfare. Using headsets to locate where someone is based off movement is a tool many call of duty players use to succeed. In the game right now you can hear trains, planes, dogs, explosions, soliders yelling, your own footsteps, guns, and anything else but other players. I feel this was done intentionally to nerf the use of headsets to locate enemies. However, this also nerfs the perks dead silence and awareness because no one can hear you and you can't hear any one. This leaves your 3rd perk slot down to 4 choices.
      • SPECIAL GRENADES are a headache. Without tactical mask any special grenades thrown at you render you useless and in a Helen Keller state for about 5-7 seconds. Not to mention the constant abuse of shock charged bouncing betties to guarentee you die as soon as you turn in to the trap. Shock charges should either count as a lethal or be nerfed severly since it is a trigger based tactical grenade.
      • LEADERBOARDS are based off of score per minute and not overall score. The majority of the leaderboards are filled with people who either boosted or played barely any of the game mode noticed their high spm and decided to leave the game mode alone to keep their rank high. I believe rank should be determind on who have the highest overall score for that game mode, strictly because it shows they enjoy and constantly play that game mode versus someone who played a few good games and left their spm at its peak.
      • SPAWNS need to be tweaked soon. I've had more bad spawns in this game than in all previous games combined.  I know Vahn said they would be continually collecting data on and assessing the spawn points and making adjustments as needed so hopefully there will be an update to address this sooner rather than later. (Point made by WKMMS.)
      • SCORESTREAKS are difficult to get in a 75 kill limit TDM match. I'm a TDM player and all the good scorestreaks are 11 and above. It's not that easy being 11-0 with UAV Spam, Campers, and LAG. In Black Ops the highest was 11 and I always used BlackBird, Chopper Gunner, Dogs. In this game it's almost impossbile to get dogs. (Point made by redx165 A.K.A THE NOOB KILLER.)
      • ZOMBIES survival mode is ruined. The TranZit mode is the only good mode they have. I just don't understand why they would ruin Survival?? They had the most practice with that gamemode. Too small maps, lava are over the place. They ruin Survival. (Point made by redx165 A.K.A THE NOOB KILLER.)


      So that's why I'm not satisfied with Black Ops 2 right now. These are my opinions and are up for debate if you find one that you feel is currently fine. These complaints were made only after about 18 hrs of online play. If you have anything you believe should be added feel free to leave a reply and I'll be sure to look at it!

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          1. Re: Why do you hate Black Ops 2?

          Well said, I agree with all of this not to mention the Black Hat

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            2. Re: Why do you hate Black Ops 2?

            SMGs are over powered once again. (What a surprise) UAV should require 700 points to use, or at least make ghost available at a lower level possibly 20.

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              3. Re: Why do you hate Black Ops 2?

              I agree with the lag compensation part but everything else Treyarch actually did their job on so yea everything else seems like camper complaints however the lag compensation part I can relate to. I am back they banned me guess you can't be angry customer posting a comment by their standards.

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                4. Re: Why do you hate Black Ops 2?

                It's not the UAV's that are a problem, it's the mini map. It should be removed for all those without a UAV (which should need more points). I can't stand these players who constantly look at the mini map chasing every orange dot they see. It's so mindless!

                I see someone, I shoot them. Someone sees the orange dot nearby, and shoots me while I'm reloading. I have a different strategy for each map, and rarely even look at the radar.


                I like the lack of footsteps though. I never use a headset, and sometimes have to play with low sound, so this evens things up! I think this is one of the reasons why I usually do well in this game.

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                  5. Re: Why do you hate Black Ops 2?

                  People do not hate on Black Ops 2 because it is a worse or lesser game than the others, they hate on it because it was the latest CoD. It has been like this since CoD4.


                  Often people complain about lag and/or gamespecifics


                  CoD4 = Frag x3

                  MW2 = Grenadelaunchers, OMA and the Danger Close perk ( it gave explosives +40% radius of explosion - in earlier games "Sonic Boom" only gave explosives 20% more radius).

                  BLOPS1 = Ghost, Second Chance + "only a nerfed version of MW2"

                  MW3 = Deathstreaks + spawns

                  BLOPS2 = (The best is yet to come, whining and complaining is going to get worse than this wich I every year has taken as a cue to end forumprecence)

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                    6. Re: Why do you hate Black Ops 2?

                    I fhucking love this game! I really do not understand why all the hate,dunno if im just a lucky 1 but ive had no problems with lag either(ps3) The part of your post i disagree with most is the tactical spam,use it to your advantage,just put engineer on with emp grenades x2,this is an easy way to get 300points easily,almost a uav this will get you another 100 points possibly from assists. With a launcher on your back for them pesky uavs,tis will easily get you a vsat with a kill or two. Dont be so negative,look at the problems and turn them in your favour. But most of all just enjoy it! After all it is a 'game'

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                      7. Re: Why do you hate Black Ops 2?

                      I'd say the majority of people who uav spam can't get enough points in 1 life to get anythyng too much higher than the uav. So what do you like better support streaks or uav spam? Noobs can't just be left with nothing.

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                        8. Re: Why do you hate Black Ops 2?

                        I agree with a lot of what you said there mate. 


                        Hardcore Modes - FFA and TDM from what i've played are dull as ditch-water.  It's a bit of a camp-fest and most of the games I've played have had the timer run out before the score limit was reached.  I don't like CTF as a game mode because recently it's become more about ignoring the flag and trying to hang around the enemy spawn looking for cheap kills.  Would love to see HC Dom added into the mix


                        Lag compensation - I'm going to say connectivity issues more than lag comp.  I've already had more WTF moments in this game than in all the rest combined.  I have also had my fair share of moments when I killed someone and thought "how did he not manage to kill me there" so I can only assume he was on the wrong end of the connectivity problems.  I've tweaked some of my router settings and changed my DNS servers and that's helped a lot, but I'm sure many are still having problems.  This is probably the biggest issue to address right now.


                        Special Grenades - I can't lie, I love the shock-charge betty combination.  I disagree that these are a problem because there are enough counters. 


                        Ghost - I'm on the fence here.  I never used ghost in BO1 and I won't be using it here.  I never really used assassin either.  I don't really mind if an enemy UAV is up - it's one thing knowing where I am, it's quite another entirely to be able to kill me.  The amount of red-dot chasers that have run into one of my betty/shock combos is funny.  I've no strong feelings about this one, they can buff ghost or not and I won't be too bothered either way.  I was a keen barebones player and always relied on map knowledge and my eyeballs for finding targets rather than red-dots.


                        Footsteps - everyone seems to be running dead silence.  Think they should get a buff so they are somewhat audible.  I'm not one for sound whoring, but a guy running around in heavy boots up a flight of metal stairs should make some noise at least.


                        Leaderboards - 100% agree with everything you said there. 


                        The one think i would add is:


                        Spawns: I've had more bad spawns in this game than in all previous games combined.  I know Vahn said they would be continually collecting data on and assessing the spawn points and making adjustments as needed so hopefully there will be an update to address this sooner rather than later.


                        All those things aside though, I'm really enjoying this game overall and think if 3arc are true to their word when it comes to supporting the game and addressing the issues therein, this could be one of, if not the best CoDs yet

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                          9. Re: Why do you hate Black Ops 2?

                          First of all these maps are not that good. The maps are not "war-like" maps, the maps should've been made how they were on the other COD's yall made them way too modern-like and this isnt even modern warfare this is black ops like come on. Second of all the machine pistols/pistols and shotguns are waaaay too overpowered and the shotguns have waaay to much accuracy than it should. Like come on its a shotgun, when a shotgun fires, the bullets spread so therefore the accuracy shouldnt be as high as an assualt or submachine gun. And the Hanguns have too much way damage you can run around with a hangun and get way more kills than another player with an assault rifle. Third of all why do u unlock ghost at the last level? This game is based on a lot of UAV's and scorestreaks. Say if your camping you would want ghost so u dont appear on the mini map on UAV's. Im not a camper though im basically just saying theres A LOT of gamers on BO2 and everybody is different. Some people like to camp and some people like the run around. So why put ghost on the last level, and most gamers need it? Last but not least, the guns? Why make most of the guns new? Most of these guns sucks espicially the assualt rifles. The submachine guns are once again overpowered and are better than the assault rifles. Why make this game future-based? It's black ops not modern warfare. Yall put waaaay too much into this game, i always loved call of duty since the very first one and now im disappointed with this one. Yall shouldve kept black ops 2 original like the first black ops. And the perks suckk, u cant even get your perks pro'd on here, like this is not call of duty anymore how i look at it. And you cant even see how much XP you earned after a game. And for search and destroy, you used to get 500 xp for a kill now its 250. Overrall this call of duty sucks and yall put way too much into it, should've kept it original.

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