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    The Black Hat

      A very handy piece of tactical indeed.  But why in the world would you guys allow this thing to steal a teammates care package? 


      This is by far the most rediculous thing I have seen in a COD game to date.  With the amount of crap players out there, unable to earn their own scorestreaks... this feature has to go.  When playing with randoms, it has become a real PITA to even get my own package.


      Not really a complaint thread, more or less wondering what the rest of the community thinks.  So?

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          It's handy if your team-mate has been killed & you're the last one near their care-package. (Happened to me earlier where I was that guy that ended up taking it) Better you than the enemy, right?


          Btw- they've said that they would be making the hack take longer to prevent rampant CP stealing.


          I mean, I can walk up & take your care package as it stands, so why not be able to do the same thing with the Black Hat?

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              It doesn't really take that much longer for the teammate to get it with the black hat, than the one who threw the package.  Especially if I was looking to switch it with the engineer perk.


              Only way to avoid this is sitting directly near where you throw it.  Which leaves you completely exposed to enemy attack.


              It is great they will make the hacking take longer.  However, I still feel this feature causes more stealing than saving.  Too many soloists out there, no understanding of team play.

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                  The smart way to do it is throw it in a place you can hide, then wait until it's dropping before you run to it. It takes a few seconds before it becomes active which is plenty enough time to go prone behind it just in case and not have it stolen from you. When they tweak the Blackhat to take longer it won't be a problem. If you still get beat then, well, you're bad.


                  Btw, if you want to always retrieve it from a safe spot just run Blackhat yourself and hack it from a distance (or from off the map).

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                I only take team mates care package if it lands in a place they can not get it. Aka out of the map so it does have its uses

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                    I have to agree with the whole thing of taking your teammates packages.  If he is killed then yeah free game but today I am sitting there getting my package and some guy from my own team takes it from me from across the road, leaving me out in the open and gets me killed.  I think they need to make it so that if you are getting your own package that the black hat cant be used.  I do agree with you  elite_force1uk if you snooze you loose but there should be something to keep people from taking the package right out from under you.

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                      Yeah, i lose alright.  Pretty much my point.


                      Here's what should be implemented... If a teammate steals your package, friendly fire is automatically enabled for that player only.  Then I can spray the shite out of them the rest of the match and not feel like i'd been completely shafted.


                      Anyone who steals friendly care packages is an absolute tool.  End of story.


                      You obviously fall into this category, judging by your responses in that thread.  Congrats, fella.

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                          The BlackHat doesnt seem to get it any quicker,

                          If you jump on your package straight away and collect

                          it then no one else can steal it .. Simple


                          If you Re-check that link i posted the video shows

                          me getting an Rcxd from somone elses care package

                          BUT he also gets a Guardian from it..

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                              That video does not show you both getting scorestreaks.


                              It shows you being a douchebag and stealing it from him.  He could have been deploying any of the streaks that were available in his 4 slots, obviously this one a guardian.

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                          Before the black hat teammates stole cp's. In blops1 some hardline pro jerk turned my dogs into a cuav. When I ran hardline pro teammates jumped on my packages before I could double tap them. Care packages are and have always been a crap shoot. I've had sucess throwing the marker in a building and retrieving the package off the roof with a black hat. I just wish I could lock on and destroy the delivery chopper before it drops an enemy's crate. Come on developers, slow that chopper down.