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    Stop Crying Its a Video Game.

      Ive now put in 2 weeks of BO2 and i have to say its not that bad. Sure after my girl went and stood in line(Yup she went) for 2 hours got the game bought the book for an early xmas present and we go to sit down at 3 am and **** dont work yea thats a piss off then it continued but now its few and far between. Atleast i can get maybe 10 games before i get disconnected (way better then not playing one game and sitting in a lobby for 30mins). Lags and cheats who the hell cares thats why there are cheaters and hackers because at the end of the day they need that to get the most out of the game.


      Complaining about classes,iron sights,Too many windows(*REALLY*)uavs,Ghost perks, your headsets,controller and everything else is dumb. Trust me everybody isnt that good all the time, maybe you get killed alot cuz your new to COD, dont know the maps of a *COUGH* 2 week old game,not as good as u though at a FPS or you just lack real world motor skills that would help you with your little vitual COD trooper motor skills.

      Internet really so your saying right now somebody in a 3rd world country is merking boys on call of duty because of his shitty internet connection and hes getting matched before you. Think about what your crutching your game play on. The days of man this is a 3rd party controller im not good with them or all the old school excuse people would say when they were loosing are comming to an end. Gamers are now saying a 10 year old kid from anywhere with a internet connection as stable as 2 cans and rope are preffered. Shitty internet guys is shitty internet. if its garbage connection he gets booted even if hes the host. If he does get to be the host atleast the match has started meaning 11 or more people are still playing then game and when hes gone somebody with a better connection will fill his spot and keep going. Or how about when your playing see the people with good connects friend them and join their games.


      You ever play any of the Fallouts? wicked glitches some are hilarious some are just piss offs. But you learn to deal. In MP though id loose my mind


      Problems with BO2-Connections Really is the only down fall. getting booted and dont forget the awsome league play. ( played 3 rounds and the last 2 booted me still ranked me and counted the 2 boots as a loss. Still playing though)

      I would have loved to see the 2 Machine scorestreaks as weapons instead of a scorestreak.

      I havent been strip of ranks or anything like that yet But if it does im comming back and editing this.



      The good-Maps are solid. cant deny it the only map i hear people loosing their minds on is hijacked. Its Dome again good for a quick kc or td match

      Guns are not the greatest selection. So ive found myself this game more then the others messing with the sniper rifles and assault rifles. So for me instantly changed my game play and everything else.

      Attachments- Alot of them for me personally are not really usefull unless its objective game mode then some come in handy. I rock out mostly with iron sights since MW2 just so i dont use up space for a good unlock.

      Scorestreaks-wide variety of hefty scorestreak. they add a swarm (i hate them) but even if you go for the lower Scorestreaks its still brutal 2 guardians-2 sentrys on carrier *yup*.


      Not to forget the countless hours people can spend on this game messing with emblems, videos and then look at all the other players creations.

      Im on a Boat!

      This game really has alot to offer. More then just the gameplay everybody paid the same price for the game so why let one guy get the most of his cash and game. Then other people would rather just chuck the game and not play till bugs get fixed(i wish i could have done that when my nes,snes,64 didnt play and blowing on the catridge did nothing *eh wheres my new patch for excitebike*


      For maybe future id like too see call of duty not so linear add some boats,hummers,choppers anything really. even if they were 2 or 3 seaters, id like to have me and a teammate whippin around a map in a hummer-1gunner+1 driver.

      running and gunning is fun but after 4 years of the same idea of COD its getting a little played out. GCI and Crackdown offered wicked ideas one i can jump 5 building rooftops and shoot people from below im bout it.

      The thing that will take COD some place else is more game modes, transportation in MP, Customization of a character would be nice make COD a RPGFPS that it already is almost there Having your character level up through your actions. customize your individual soldiers clothing,skill trees offering literally every player the option to have a individual looking character plus his own set skills, which in turn clans and certaint game modes couldnt have rushers or just snipers. every player is different so the teams got to work together.


      Just my thoughts i just got tired of every second post about the shitty things not good or really potential ideas for the next game. If you write and post it and its not constructive or helpful stop posting cuz the last pump of your best internet just got wasted and you cant play now.