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    Ghost makes no logical sense in this game, and here's ways it could be better

      How is it that sprinting makes you less visible to a UAV, than not moving and hiding in a bush/house?


      Honestly, the problem with ghost in BLOPS1 was that everyone used it, along with silencers, so they could run and gun easier.  The changes to ghost in this game won't fix that, in fact once everyone has it, things will get worse since run/gun SMG will dominate all other cautious play styles.  I don't understand why defending is bad, thats the point of domination, demolition, etc.  It feels like the catered only to team deathmatch players.


      Ghost should function the other way around.  For example

      - your invisible if and only if you havn't moved for 3+ seconds (not counting turning/aiming), OR

      - your invisible as long as you don't sprint at all


      Or hey, here's something crazy...  make ghost the way it use to be but make it so it can't be used in deathmatch modes!  Are mode specific perks that hard?  NO, they did it in BLOPS1.


      I'm pretty sure if they implemented one of these changes, assault rifles would be used more.  They are powerful, just not as useful as SMGs given the current meta game.