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    Your 1-week review?

      Now that BO2 on the Wii U has been out for 7 days and the initial hype has pretty much worn out, what do you think of the game? Try to ignore the hype if it's still floating around.

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          I'm so happy with the MP that I haven't even tried the campaign...I guess I'm saving it till I get bored.


          SO far the game run smoothly....I only got disconnected once....


          I don't even care about the enormous aim assist ccp players like Nintendon't get ....I'm happy


          Well maybe I would ask to improve some killstreaks that are very difficult to control with the wii-mote...and would like the PDPs USB controller to be supported.


          That's all.


          Zombies are....zombies, same thing....nothing new....but they are fun when playing with your buddies...so I guess I take the zombies as a map pack

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            I'm loving the game so far. I would type out a review why but I'd rather be playing BO2 instead.


            By the way, Canuck, What's your Nintendo Network ID so we can play some matches some time?

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              I'm absolutely loving the game. <3


              The only things that have gotten on my nerves is the fact that I always get the teammates that have no idea what they're doing. Sooo.....I play with a party. Then when I play with a party everyone on the other team loves to ragequit leaving a 6v2. >:{


              Shoch charges can be a little annoying to.


              Other then that it's another amazing 3arch game.

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                  Can't wait to play with all of you! Make sure to leave a space in your roster for me.

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                      So far I love it.  Even though I have trouble aiming due to the missing settings it's still fun. I don't mind getting my butt kicked since I know it's not hacking.  I haven't even played on half the maps yet and when I get on a new one I always do something really stupid to get myslf killed and I can't help but laugh about it.  And even when I die because of the aiming issues I still think it's funny.  I guess it doesn't bother me cause I know it's getting fixed.  Cracks me up when me and the other guy unload entire clips at each other and then just run off cause we can't hit anything. lol


                      I only got irritated once and it was in a lobby where the entire other team camped in buildings.  Since I didn't know the map I couldn't do mcuh more than run around and get killed from a window but that's my fault anyway.


                      Now that I quit spending so much time trying to tweak my sound, and figured out the problem, I'm just playing and it's great.  The lockup issues are annoying but that should get fixed next week. 

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                    the MP has many improvements from wii, and and older titals. there are also many mistakes. still overall fun. some balance issues are shown, but still not t olate for a patch. scorestreaks and create a class are great, just need some balanceing in spacific playlists. wiimote needs soem tuning, controls need some balancing. map design is a improvement. weapon balance is okay but still failed to top MW2. perk balance is so far the best out of all the cods. spawning is okay for allmodes but FFA. lagcomp is improved from MW3 or seeems improved but the differences in gameplay have completly changed who is skilled and who isnt. so i doubt there is to much OP things, the most common reason for skill drops is the lack of OP weapons/perks/ect. to own others with. they are still there but not as bad.