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    Iron Sights are TOO good!

      Anyone else think that iron sights are a little too precise and clear?


      Anyone who has fired a rifle will understand that if you focus your eyes on the foresight, the target is a blurry mess. If you focus your eyes on the target, the foresight is then a blurry mess.


      My opinion is that a sight attachment is just a wasted slot, and has been since cod4, apart from on guns that have huge visible recoil.


      Some of the sight attachments look pretty, but they take up valuable screen space. (Not as bad as the Type 95, which had the sight attachment on top of the carry handle, taking up half the screen!)


      Other than gimmicky uses like the MMS, using iron sights gives a free slot for anything else.


      What I propose is a greater difference between using them, eg, blurry sight picture at range, lower rifle when prone. Scopes could perhaps glint, but provide crystal clear images like the AcOg does in real life. Just a thought .