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    The Art of Altercation: 4 Tips to help win a gun fight



      Amidst of the craziness with the games connectivity issues, I've experienced in the last three days some really good games. So I wanted to share some tips that I am using. I must mention I am a TDM player so what I do is based on this game mode.


      1- Before encountering someone check your reload. Check your teams location.

      2- When engaging you really need to determine whether or not you can take him out quickly. I've noticed many get over excited and shoot without killing and revealing there position.

      3- Use cover, use the terrain, side step, move without losing sight, stay quick.

      4- Try not to unload your entire clip on one person, I've learned to manage my clip size which has really helped my game.


      Good luck to all those who are playing, this game is not an easy so stay cool and just keep fighting.