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    Best call of duty ever hands down

      Thank you Treyarch and Acticvision for making the best game to ever go inside my ps3.


      I think the maps and graphics in this game are so bad and horrible it makes the game really good I also love my ps3 crashing all the time and what could not be better than the constant lag and stupid re spawn points.


      Thank you treyarch for destroying black ops 1

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          I almost came in here with fury in my eyes, but you got me very good.  This game is amazing if you want a YLOD ps3 sitting in your house. 

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            Unpatch the game and u fix all the lag problems, the freezing will be back but extrem lag to reduce freezing by 5% isn't a good deal to me.

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              Funny, I don't get lag that often, other than that, I have not experienced any issues online.  The game is a disappointment yet again, but it plays well.  Maps have become boring in a week already.


              Stats are hacked ... ho-hum, what a surprise there.  Treyarch is invovled so don't lose any sleep over this.


              Seems like the SAME OLD SAME OLD to me for another $60.


              They have a new FORUM.  YAWN.   At least it isn't white on black like the last one.


              Spend your time gaming (instead of complaining here to Treyarch, they don't care) or get another hobby if the service in your area sucks.

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                Yeah, its pretty bad atm.. hopefully its sorted within afew weeks..

                In a regular match i can hit select to bring up the scoreboard and watch the connections on the right side bounce up and down constantly through the entire match..

                I have yet to see a match with all solid green connections in a game,... and i check constantly..

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                  I've had 1 screen freeze, other than that, the game has worked perfect for me, unlike MW3 and Blops 1.

                  I think the maps are really good but I would be happy to see a few big maps in the DLC. Something like Array and Jungle would be great.

                  I know alot of people are having major issues and I feel your pain but for those of use lucky enough to have it working, it's great.

                  I play mostly Mercenary Moshpit and from what I see, 'everyone' plays the objective. My W/L ratio is double what it was in MW3 and this is playing with randoms. (My K/D ratio is still piss poor but that's my fault for not being a 1337 player, not my teams).